Since forming in 2004 Sacred Mother Tongue’s, debut album has had a long time coming. “The Ruin Of Man,” arrives like a speeding freight train, a musical fist to the teeth, and is relentless in its blistering energy. Their complex rhythms are airtight and expertly executed, and the drums and guitar in particular boost a virtuosic swagger which is both inspiring and impressive. Taking the thirteen tracks exposed and expressed in a whole new direction. With such tracks as “Talking to the Ears of the Death,” “The Suffering,” “Wake Up Call,” and “My Sins Have Become My Fears,” these handful of tunes showcases the guitar shredding abilities and drumming tactics used to create an assuming source of music you can easily bang your head right along too. These selected tracks all on their own accord present themselves on their own level of uniqueness. Having that rush of energy; just pulsing through your blood stream aiming right towards your heart pumping it into overdrive. The overall presentation on ?The Ruin Of Man,? does have its good moments and some minor bad moments where the music tends to drag and lag at certain aspects like on ?Wake Up Call,? it blasts right through the beginning then falls right in when hitting the middle of the song. The same sense goes when ?The Suffering,? breakaway and begins to rumble itself having that fast energy that soon dies out in an instant. But aside from those being the minor flaws here, Sacred Mother Tongue has creative away with music all their own which shall forever remain unique.