Want to know a secret? If you come a little closer I’ll tell you all about it. [Whispers into your ear] this Friday (July 31st) is not only a secret show, but an all age’s show, I Am Ghost with Vanity XO! The show kicked off exactly around 9:30 with openers that weren’t Vanity XO but local dark rockers I Am Ghost. Throwing together arousing set lasting 30 minutes consisting of mostly new material found on “Those We Leave Behind.” The crowd gathered quickly to the front as the band jumped to the beat of their music, Steven mentioning “I’m glad everyone came out tonight, because I wouldn’t see my own band twice in one week.” Referring back to Monday night’s sold out show up at the Chain Reaction. Mid-way through some fans from the crowd, jumped upon the stage and began to rock out, (Myself included) as I stood alongside the bassist than ran over next to Steven banging my head rocking out like a real rock star. But that was then and this is now wrapping up their set the crowd was highly disappointed when the band couldn’t stick around to perform an encore set, but duty calls when it comes to a time slot. That being said, I Am Ghost gathered outside the venue meeting fans signing autographs covered head to toe in sweat. As the fans departed others followed not for I Am Ghost of course since their set was said and done, but for Vanity XO. These rocking glam metal heads sung the night away for 30 long-lasting minutes, singing until they couldn’t stand it any longer. Concluding a night of pure rock n roll.