Silverstein’s latest installment “A Shipwreck In The Sand,” has brought out a new style all its own. Taking the time and effort carefully put into place to craft an album thats rounded out to become a good listen. The guitar and drum work shown on this record takes a whole another route and giant leap forward into the land of music being more upbeat and faster and drives the music directly where it needs to be pushed. The vocals twist and get flipped flopped from being clear and soft to the every so often screams caught in mid air in between. The album itself is layered out into four separate chapters each one detailing in its own way a creative way of music. The guitar work presented on the first half is very straight forward with a heavy aggressive style that was brought off from their previous work but only a tad shows, on such tracs as “Vices.” Moving onward to the second chapter “Born Dead,” featuring a guest appreance by Scott Wade is well played having the instruments working together as one to build up showing a fast driven style of music that keeps an on-going beat and tone over and over again. Going on to chapter three you get introduce to the title track and “You’re All I Have,” each easily going hand in hand with one another displays a catcy upbeating tone of drum beats that blast away a repeating tone with well placed together guitar solos with vocals that gently float above the music playing below. Wrapping up you of course get the last chapter of the album and it concludes with 4-tracks the last one entitled “The End,” featuring another guest apperance of Lights, topping it all off with a display work of well played music. Silverstein’s “A Shipwreck In The Sand,” is a well throught out album and plays fast and quick never being misunderstood as a plain old album but one that can be fun to listen too more than once!