SiX’s “Between The Warning and The War,” is a whole new expression that is the name “music.” It’s a leap forward from their previos works “The Price Of Faith,” may have this Price ruled that time and space period but that was in the passed and this is the future and this time its a whole new experience altogether.

“Between The Warning and The War,” you get 13-tracks each one being so advance and unquie all its own it’s hard to not want to stop listening at all. Opening up with “The Day I Died,” features a quest apperance of Tony Campos of Static-X who expresses his own creative ways as the song builds up piece by piece it alone crafting into a song of pure destruction into the after life. Hence from the name, this dreading title alone sent chills up and down my spine as the guitar work is well placed together along with the drums each going hand in hand together building a barrier allowing the vocals to deliver that raw in your face punch that knocks you out cold. “Perfect Life,” comes next since you’re already dead and buried why not live the perfect lifestyle you only always dreamt of?

After all you are now at peace, but this peacefulness soon turns to terror as the music expresses itself more than once having the drums come out hard and fast letting the guitars work more and the drums a little less but they tend to want to keep up, as long as the vocals have their own saying as they still bring out that aggressive hard rock feel and vibration throughout.

“Throwing Away The World,” is pretty much a wrap up of what has just happened to you you’re now dead which is a bummer but you’ve entered a whole new world you can build upon which is always good and the music that plays through on this selected track is just the tip of happiness that awaits you. The instrumental work is well played and exposes a creative side leaving the remains of SiX just breathless.