“The Scars Between Us,” is the new highly anticipated album from San Francisco Bay Area metal heads Skinlab. This long awaited accomplishment is the first LP in over 7 years! It’s about time the metal revolution has dug itself a hole deep enough to withstand such brutality. 11-tracks equals out to 11 tunes that will astound and amaze you all in one single shot. Skinlab presents themselves hard and heavier than ever before, taking their musical abilities to a higher standard.

Instrumentally speaking directs the instruments down a whole another route being more aggressive and heavier than expected. Rotating that sound that drifts away then makes its way back around in full circle creating this sound wave of absolution. For instance when “Amphetamine Gods,” and “Scream At The World,” play back to back such intensity and adrenaline is used you could in hail the rush of energy pushing through. Skinlab goes down the lines of sounding a lot like Flatline as far as instrumentally goes, consisting that rough heavy uniqueness buried within. As far as vocals go, Skinlab’s Steev Esquivel takes complete control with two roles, one being bass the other vocals. His vocal chords set up an intensity that brings Jamey Jasta to mind with the screams and shouts come echoing through.

“In For The Kill,” and “Still Suffering,” is another set that goes well together. Head on “In For The Kill,” instrumental usage takes up for the most part. Showcasing the guitars uniqueness in all means possible, unleashing several solos if not misleading riffs that constantly throw you off guard. Whereas “Still Suffering,” does the complete opposite allowing Steev’s vocals to do most of the work. Screaming and shouting until his vocals are tattered and torn, blood rushing from his lips drawing Skinlab to a final conclusion. The ending being…. What it says “The Scars Between Us.”