When you blend together some alternative mixed together with some rock with a dash of progressive thrown in for flavor what do you think it combines into mixing up too? Well something known to Los Angeles as Slant.

This self-titled sophomore release is a 16-track mix-up completely covering everything mentioned beforehand and then some, creating this overpowering effect that even the band mates themselves can’t seem to forget. Mentioning in a recent interview that “One Step At A Time,” is the top notch tune you should definitely be tuning into.
Besides that tune of course there are a handful of others that stand out, including “Price To Play,” “Better Without You,” “No Regrets,” along with “Through My Own Steps,” and “Another Day,” each of these among all the others, are just the tip of really capturing what types of emotions Slant’s been through.

The instrumental work is done clean and clear having the guitar work to be heard fast and edgy picking up the pace throughout the entire album, while the lyrics just speak to you while you listen in to each of the words being directly spoken to you, each clashing together to sound off this unbearable sound wave of music.

Overall Slant’s self-titled debut efforts is an attempt at re-creating music in a whole another fashion building up the momentum through each time you listen.