What would you do if a Slow Burning Car crossed your path? Would you sit back and laugh – or run like hell trying to save the people trapped inside? Well to be honest this isn’t that type of Slow Burning Car…. This type of automobile is actually the true essence that rock n’ roll music has been dying to meet. Unlike most rock n’ roll bands that have come and gone these rockers prove how much rock music truly means to them. Delivering 12-tracks of solid rock n’ roll attitude with absolute adrenaline, you won’t believe your ears. This so happens to be the band’s second release let me tell you, tossing aside their first album into the trash bin. “Vol. 2 – The Scattering,” defines the band’s unique sound and style, lyrically speaking, the subject matter clearly discusses mythological themes, science fiction/facts, evolution with oneself, along with a stylist side of political commentary thrown in to make it more livid. As far as instrumentals goes, the guitars tend to go off from time to time, showcasing their repeating texture of guitar solos, while the drums tend to keep bouncing off each creative riff played through. Vocals on the other hand, uplift that loud/aggressive tone of vibration that influences a more intense rhythm to whole musical experience. Most tunes that stood out, most includes “In The Trees,” “Marry Me,” “Man In Crisis,” and “Siren,” each of to be a modern mix-up between Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Slow Burning Car does itself a good deed when it comes to musically expressing itself.