STOFMA A.K.A. Star Off Machine Huntington Beach, California’s very own rockstars, plans to deliver from them to you the viewer and listener a set up of 8-tracks off their latest “Burn This,” album. Live up close and personal at the Roxy in the heart of the world famous Sunset Strip. Expressing the love, pain, and agony of what it truly is like to live the life of a rockstar. Giving you the full treatment from head to toe, your whole body goes into overdrive as soon as, Erick Holloway (Vocals), Robin Charlet (Guitar), Jeremy Whiteley (Bass) and Tut (Drums) hit the stage around 11 o’clock late that night?

The night took off with a bouncy start and ended the same way. Star Off Machine bounced up and down throughout their 8 song set list singing a handful of sing-along?s everyone in the audience automatically recognized. The crowd?s energy was set on overdrive throughout as soon as Star Off Machine broke the sound waves with ?Inside Out,? not wanting to stop for a second. Going right along into the rest of the set, numerous tracks taken off the band?s debut ?Burn This,? including that track, among others; ?Lost,? ?Almost,? ?Bastard,? and ?Disaster,? the whole performance was uplifted with intense energy from start to finish.

Star Off Machine throw on a show that matches the record no problem not leaving anything out what so ever. If you?re into the sides of rock n roll music then by all means be sure to go hang out with these living rockstars, it will be a night you?ll walk away witnessing a whole another lifestyle.

Set list:
Inside Out
Side Of Me