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Screening Set for Universal’s Hitchcock Theatre in Universal City

Los Angeles, CA – August 25, 2009. Joe Perry, Director/Writer and CEO of Strange Bela Entertainment, has completed filming of his second feature film, In Medias Res, which is now in post production. His follow-up to his first feature, Romantic Weirdos in the Land of Oddz, the film is a high-concept philosophical film which asks the existential question: “What does it mean to lead a good life?” The film will premiere at Universal’s Hitchcock Theatre on the Universal Studios lot in December, 2009.

The central figure of In Medias Res is a man who has died accidentally and who finds himself facing God on a desolate, heavenly beach. He is told he has made a mistake and should have reported to Hell, whereupon he begs forgiveness for his sins and tries to strike a deal with God. Intrigued, God listens to the man as Satan covertly observes, deciding to tempt the man to take his place in Hell so that he may find his own unique audience with God.

Filmmaker Joe Perry cites his influences for the film as Ingmar Bergman’s classic film The Seventh Seal and John Milton’s 17th century poem, Paradise Lost. “This was written in appreciation of these two great, artistic works,” Perry states. “As with Bergman’s film, my approach is to modulate between a man’s reflections upon death and his revelations about the meaning of life. Likewise, as with Milton’s poem, In Medias Res grapples with theological themes, including fate, free will, and the depiction of death. My motivation is to create a dialogue with the audience; to challenge them with the question, ‘If you died tomorrow, do you feel you would be allowed passage to Heaven, or have you fallen to sin?’”

Perry, who premiered his first feature Romantic Weirdos in 2007, holds a Masters Degree in Film Directing from the California Institute of the Arts, in addition to two Bachelor Degrees, for Film Management and for Film and Video Studies. A self-described avid storyteller, he has 40 different projects in various stages of development, and founded Strange Bela Entertainment in 2008 as an outlet for his creativity. States Perry, “Our movies twist the mind, dazzle the eyes, and move the heart.” Based out of Los Angeles, the company’s mission is to specialize in high concept, low budget, original feature films with a commitment to storytelling of the highest quality.

The company’s website is, which is currently under construction. Perry’s personal site, including his director’s reel featuring his previous feature and an array of short films he’s also written and directed, is The website for In Medias Res is

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