Rockin Android presents Suguri, one of the most unique gaming experiences you’ll ever witness. But that’s not all you receive when playing this action packed energy buster, you get two not just one, but two of the best games to emerge from the Japanese indie gaming scene. Being an exclusive U.S. gamer, you get the expansion pack, added with more characters, plus two amazing techno soundtracks to get your groove on. So sit back and experience what Suguri is all about.

First off, you get the immediate rush of the battle zone, getting one of the most unique side-scrolling shooter titles ever created. Having been, designed by the doujin game developer Orange_Juice. This game showcases some of the best graphics around, beautifully designed graphics that seem to merge with one another as each shot is made. The backgrounds, weapons, all captivate the gameplay action, adding this upbeat catchy techno-trance soundtrack that adds a lot more flare for your gaming experience. Suguri comes totally equipped with an automatic lock-on targeting system, along with a unique arrangement of arsenal hyper weapons, power shields, and much more. Sure she may look cute on the outside, but on the inside she is pure beat down material. You’ll be focusing and concentrating like never before, challenging not only yourself but your characters at hand as well. Going up against some of the most overwhelming boss stages, down to dodging hundreds of missiles, lasers, you’ll end up being out numbered in a micro second. That’s merely all it takes between celebrating your victory win down to realizing your brutal defeat it all depends on how you want it to end. Moving right along the next game in the making is Acceleration of Suguri, this being the follow-up to Suguri. This fast paced rapid firing combat, have impacted gaming fans of all ages, delivering the best gaming exposure, of pure adrenaline action you’ll ever imagine. Plus it’s all here right before your eyes, more characters, new special attacks, new powers, levels, it has it all! You have your choices of course, you can go off and play as Suguri, Hime, or Nanako among any of the other multiple fighters, available, either way you’ll definitely be fighting until the death.

In the long run you’ll be scoring big damage, along with getting back numerous points in return for each strike you provide.In close, Rockin Android, has delivered a game, unlike any other, the Suguri experience is a must-have, must-play doujin game, one that will have changed your life since the first moment you inserted it into your gaming device.