The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder is a band from Michigan and is named after the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as Black Dahlia. The band played Ozzfest (2005), Sounds of the Underground (2006) and Wacken Open Air (2007) who knew what else they could possibly accomplish. Why not three LP?s a batch of EP?s and a brand new DVD? Going from “Unhallowed,” (2003), to “Miasma,” (2005) onto “Nocturnal,” (2007), the “Majesty,” DVD made The Black Dahlia Murder who are they today. The DVD is a two-disc combination the first disc contains the documentary, consisting of ridiculous tour antics, live footage, and band interviews. While the second disc takes various footage from all over the world of the band’s performances making a set list of eleven tracks worthy of the time and effort to watch. But the audio and video quality does lack in sound and visual effects going back and forth through performance clips showing the band at one angle one minute and then a whole another angle another minute making the whole concert experience annoying. Whereas the audio doesn?t tend to keep up that well making the whole video quality lack even further. On the brighter side the first disc does offer you the full blown documentary and behind the scenes footage that captures the band at their most craziest moments while out on the road and then showcases them at their best during their interview presentations. To top it all off you get The Black Dahlia Murder?s music video collection and photo gallery demonstrating the band at their highest peak in the music industry. Showing the hard earned work they?ve gone through pays off sooner or later. Overall concluding that The Black Dahlia Murder?s ?Majesty,? DVD is a double dose of disappointment.