Los Angeles local radio station Star 98.7 threw together a “Battle of the Bands” competition out at Universal Citywalk the night of August 26 2009. Right outside the Hard Rock Café a stage was set and 10 various bands were ready to rock the night away one by one. But only one would walk away victorious in the end. One of those bands was a Los Angeles local known as A Lucky Day Later. Their leading front women Alicia Nancine screamed and shouted her heart out during the band’s quick 2-song set as the judges watched and rated their overall performance. When it was all said and done, Alicia had mentioned before cutting off into their last song “We have free music and giveaways to hand out so come hang with us afterwards to get some free stuff”. After that was said the band concluded their set rounding off a night that was truly rock n roll.