The Dreaming

What could be not so arousing about the sight of blood? Yes some fear it and never want to have anything to do with it but there are some that think its a sexual relief, at least that’s what the guys of The Dreaming think anyway, when it comes to their latest installment known only as “Etched In Blood.”

But not only is this album their debut efforts but this band has been keeping themselves busy unleashing four EP’s and played a handful of date son Warped Tour, keeping their fan base alive and well. “Etched In Blood,” contains 12-tracks of pure bloody enlightenment, each one more blood drenching than the last. When it comes to selecting tunes its hard to not pick more than one because each and every one offered gives out that sensational beating that keeps the music flowing. But now that I mention it I’d have to say opening track “Dead To Me,” “Bullet,” “Sticks & Stones,” and “Let It Burn,” all create that uproar that is that well known drift of hard rock mixed together with a dash of metal influence in between.

Each of these songs being directly in your face spilling out the blood flowing through their veins as we speak, having the fast driven energy of the guitar riffs breaking into a killer solo spill out into becoming an instant drum beat blasting away as fast as possible where as the vocals just throw everything else into it’s proper place. “Eteched in Blood,” is a blood shaker and it sent chills and spills up and down my body and it will keep you shivering until the end of time.