The Lyric Chamber Music Society of New York Presents A Tribute To 50 Years Of Music By Judy Collins

Judy Collins has been performing for more than 40 years now. Her unique blend of interpretative folksongs, and contemporary themes have touched a worldwide audience. She was only 13 when she performed Mozart’s “Concerto for Two Pianos…, her first stage performance. Many artists such as Woodie Guthrie and Pete Seeger inspired her and made her fall in love with lyrical music. In 1961 (at age 22), Judy Collins released her first album, A Maid of Constant Sorrow. This began a 35 year association with Jac Holzman, and Elektra Records.

On June 8th 2009, there was a celebration that was dubbed “A very special tribute to 50 years of music by Judy Collins…. Many artists were there to celebrate that special moment; MaD Fusion, Rufus Cappadocia, Kenny White, Amy Speace, Suzanne Vega and Jimmy Webb. That celebration was in Lyric, the Chamber Music Society of New York, which was full of Judy Collins fans of all ages. In addition, the artists that were there sang songs in honor of Ms. Collins…

MaD Fusion: Someday Soon and My Father
Rufus Cappadocia: Amazing Grace
Kenny White: Song for Martin
Amy Speace: Born to the Breed
Suzanne Vega: Since You’ve Asked
Jimmy Webb: Fallow Way

Rufus Cappadocia and his cello were marvelous. As always, he performed the song in perfect harmony. All the emotion that came up with these sounds represented the atmosphere of that moment: calm, yet ironically exciting at the same time. With his performance of “Amazing Grace…, he touched a lot of Judy Collins’ fans.

Amy Speace & Rufus Cappadocia

Amy Speace was also there to celebrate Judy Collins’ 50 years of music and success. She performed an acoustic version of “Born to Breed…, and she clearly knew how to keep all the emotions of that song. This cover shows us how Judy Collins’ music is still with us after all these years. With her guitar, Speace brought her own style to the Judy Collins classic, and the combination of Amy’s voice and Judy’s lyrics was just perfect.

The performances of these artists brought a fresh interpretation of Judy Collins’s wonderful songs. The blending between their voices and the lyrics was simply magic. In each interpretation of her songs, we could feel all the emotions rushing back and her fans were surely there to catch each moment of these songs.

After their performances, it was the time for Judy Collins to get on stage and perform. Even after 40 years of singing, her voice was still there. She was accompanied by Russell Waldren, and special guest Ned Roren. Each moment of her performance proved to her fans that music will always live in her, and nothing (even the law of time) can take away that passion. She also took the time to communicate with her fans about her story, and about how her songs were written.

Finally, at the end of her performance, everyone had the chance to go talk with the artists and the legendary Judy Collins herself. This was a huge opportunity for her fans, who have been following her since she was 22 years old. That young woman grew up, and she is now one of the most talented artists in her category. Her songs also grew up with her, and time after time, her compositions became more and more appreciated by her fans.

“I have tried, in all the ways I can, to make timeless music…. During the event, she proved that she was successful in achieving this goal, and as a result, people will be listening to her music for many years to come…

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