The Tale of Death Told Through the Eyes of the Survivor


We’ve all heard of various killers some famous, some made up characters from stories, while others still walk the earth killing more victims for their guilty pleasure. But, this killer was one of the most creative types, his name sets the perfect crime scene for anyone to follow-up on, this killer was known only as the Zodiac. But the Zodiac didn’t always having a killing side to him, he had a family and a beloved daughter to call his own,”Deborah Perez”, and she is about to untangle the mystery behind the killer thus this story is being told through the eyes of his daughter. Her confession is set to take place on her first live interview with “Rebbekah White”, during her show called, “Heal Yourself Talk Radio”. This Boston based talk show radio host will be airing Mz. Perez’s first interview since confessing to the authorities. And, she will tell everyone who is willing to listen to her side of this tragic tale. Boston, along with Plymouth Massachusetts, will have the first glimpse into Deborah Perez’s story, and will be broadcasting this tale on their radio stations, WBNW 1120AM (Boston), and WPLM 1390AM (Plymouth) airing Friday May 22nd. at 1PM Eastern time, running until 2PM. One full hour is being dedicated to the survivor who witnessed this pure, and utter evil behind the shadowy eyes of an absolute killer.

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