Doom metal veterans Novembers Doom is one of the most successful bands to come out of the Chicago metal scene. Now, two original members, vocalist Paul Kuhr and Guitarist Steve Nicholson, have created a new death metal band, These are They, with the help of guitarist Michael LeGros, bassist Wiley Wells and drummer Evan Berry. Although this is not a complete departure, considering that there is a fair share of doom included in the three cuts, their recently released EP Who Manifest is pretty damn good. If you were to classify These are They, they?re sort of a mix of Amon Amarth (without the Viking lyrics) and Moonspell with a definite touch of their counterpart Novembers Doom. Reason being is they have a sonic, meticulous and melodic death metal sound which few bands actually accomplish. These are They have proved with their first EP that they could be a force to be reckoned in the metal scene. Musically, they are highly technical with blistering and memorable solos few can match. Their rhythm section is tight like a steel factory and can actually be heard – another difference in comparison to other death metal bands.