Their name is This is a Stickup! What is it there exactly sticking up? Why their EP of course, entitled “Face the Sword, Walk the Plank.” 5-tracks of melodic temptations with hardcore perspirations are withdrawn and played through – opening up with “Pilot,” the guitar work is showcasing an on/off method. Releasing a riff one minute then turning off and releasing a solo the next, whereas the drumming parts seem to want to keep up the pace, letting the vocal chords come crashing in screaming until the music runs dry.

Thus dry as in not enough energy is presented upon the first tune, thus bring on the second “Back in a Jiffy,” comes in but lacks the creativeness of the music. Guitar soloing is involved but a heaviness is performed at the start then breaks away with a soft melodic era then that disappears and a thundering force of the heavy material comes back it’s like watching a tennis match. Wondering which side is going to hit the ball harder, next time around. The remainder of the EP comes in full circle, rounding off the last tracks to a closing. “But Mom, I Have to Save the World,” “Weebles Wobble, But We Throw Down,” and “You Can Only Get This Rash From Cannibalism,” each in their own way, unleash this hardcore adrenaline rush of fast pacing melodic noise.

The music is distorted allowing the instrumentals to build up yet again crafting together a more unique vibe than at the start drawing in a closing to the EP that makes it sound a lot more upbeat and catchy. Lyrically speaking the lyrics is chosen well and speaks the truth, drawing in the attention of the listener quickly, keeping all ears upon the echoing screams and instrumentals used. Giving a combination of melodic metal with hardcore metal is a hard establishment to perform but when given in the hands of This is a Stickup! It’s all or nothing.