Ring a around a rosy pockets full of poses ashes, ashes we all get thrashed and burned! By the second annual Thrash and Burn Tour 2009 with a line-up of hardcore and heavy metal acts alike all joining in to befriend one another making this tour be one you shall not want to forget. The second night kicked off without a hitch blowing the roof off the house at Hollywood’s House of Blues on the Sunset Strip gathering metal fans of all sorts, sizes, ages the whole package was gathered at this night’s night of metal festivities.

The stage was set and the fans waited in anticipation for the show to begin kicking it all off were heavy metallers Thy Will Be Done throwing together a 20 minute set up consisting of tracks found upon their latest release “In Ancient of Days” getting the crowd wide awake for the most part as the audience bear witnessing cheered and shouted with utter excitement. Next up came Periphery screaming until their voice went horse the crowd getting more into the thrill of what was later to be unleashed. As the night continued to roll right along Oceano broke the silence a little more getting the mosh pit in circular motion if not having people being thrown in the air if not drinking to the beat of the music to banging their head as hard as possible these guys were just as entertaining as the first set.

My Children My Bride was up next keeping the crowd’s energy impacted thrusting nothing but fast racing screaming emotion from each song performed going right off into the next remainder of acts For The Fallen Dreams, who just like the act before them kept the energy moving forward along with the screaming and jumping action played in between. Veil Of Maya was the last of the opening acts to scream and shout their way into their spotlight of fame and fortune as the stage was now clearing up leaving the rest of the night in the hands of the main supporters if you will consider them…

Despised Icon, Emmure, and of course headliners of the almighty night life DevilDriver, but before we jump right into the end of the night the first two acts did do their part in performing and entertaining the crowd as much as possible. But rounding off the night was of course California’s own DevilDriver throwing out a lot of old, recent, and newer material each and every way they could imagine possible. From opening up with their classic “End of the Line,” right onto “Not All Who Wander Are Lost,” “I Could Care Less,” “Clouds Over California,” down to much newer material off their most recent release “Pray For Villains,” that included “Back With a Vengeance,” “I’ve Been Sober,” down to the title track it all rounded up to the main song that caused utter destruction every time it is played, “Meet The Wretched.”

Causing a brutalizing uproar of utter chaos alone, getting the entire crowd with adrenaline just sweating their glands onto the skin’s surface screaming, headbanging, spinning, it was madness everywhere you looked. Once DevilDriver had walked off the stage you knew the night was all said and done but was it really? Yes it was.