It’s been three years since Three Days Grace’ “One X,” and the band have finally made their triumph return with their third studio album, “Life Starts Now,” but has it? Yes it has – previous installments that the band has attempted at creating stuck to the mainstream rock albums that all “other” bands tend to create. But when it comes to Three Days Grace’s unique style and rhythm they tend to always add their own flare to each album they dish out.

The band’s first self-title album in 2004 had the more edger tone to it pushing out that aggressive tone of rhythm that the band was focusing on at the time when the sophomore had shot through “One X” (2006) a more modern rock attitude was displayed that took Three Days Grace down a whole another path showcasing a more mature sound. Now that the past is said and done, “Life Starts Now,” is upon us and a repeating texture has shot up.

This album goes down the lines of sounding exactly like its previous counter-part adding a list of 12-tracks to fall back on – adding the simple sound effects of break-down solo attempts with overpowering riffs and repeating chorus lines that just lack the emotion and energy the band once formatted. Songs like “Break,” Bully,” and “Goin Down,” aside from the so-called balled type tune “Last to Know,” sounding a lot like “Never Too Late,” these selection of songs that come at you throughout the album just doesn’t cut it for the listener at times.

The music picks up on certain aspects during these selected tunes but just doesn’t maintain that energy that these guys once had within their grasps and let slip away. The music is more modern and takes millions of miles away from their older roots never letting the past break back through.