The foundation of five pieces is composed of emotionally colored new school hardcore that has been expanded to include intensive breakdowns blended with incisive choruses. Today Forever brings a strong sense of independence and name recognition. With the experience achieved by way more than 200 shows, Today Forever is self-confident and poised. The material for their second release “Profound Measures,” reflects that. It’s catchy pop music without being slick or arbitrary. An energized tempo of musical abrasiveness with breakdowns and mosh still remain; yet the hymn factor has been expanded without constraint. These guys from Kassel emphasize their pop appeal and set weighty contrasts in the form of wild scream attacks and brutal hardcore breakdowns. Some songs worth your wild while listening in on “Profound Measures,” consists of “Mask Off,” “Need For A Romeo,” and “Red Love,” each one telling in their own lyrics and words what exactly Today Forever are trying to say in the form of music. Which is basically, the way we create music is through the forms of love and hatred, having the instruments go at it until everything comes caving in to creating an upbeat tone and style that is unique and can be recognized only by them.