Tonight Is Glory Interview

Tonight Is Glory

1. How has the response been thus far for your new record?

Its been pretty good, back at home it seems like we have inspired a whole group of bands! I hope for more bands to come out of El Paso.

2. How would you best describe a Tonight is Glory show?

Eye opening, great presence in a room, sweaty and blinding.

3. What song would you say people go most crazy about when you perform live?

In Mexico its promise, in America its exiting forms of destruction.

4. What do you prefer seeing when playing a show hard dancers or mosh pits?

Dance pits.<3

5. What are some other screamo acts people should keep their eyes peeled for?

The Messenger.

Tonight Is Glory

6. What are the upcoming plans for the 2009 year?

Tours,tours and more tours and new music!

7. What is Tonight Is Glory all about?

We are all about the music we have sacrificed so much for it.

8. What was one of the first tours you guys went out on?

It was a small tour to Phoenix, Tucson, Las Cruces, we were gone for a week, it was so fun and we never got paid.

9. Is there anything that fans have done, that has made you just so thankful to be a musician?

I love when I get asked about my lyrics or that we have inspired them in anything.

10. What’s one thing that you’d like to tell your fans?

We love you all so much! We want to hang out with you all!

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