Toxic Holocaust Interview

1. Tell us about Toxic Holocaust… a little history… a little about the band members.

Joel: Toxic Holocaust started in 99 I had started in high school with a couple friends. We did a demo tape but it didn’t really work out they weren’t into the punk thrash music style. So I started recording my own stuff in my bedroom for a couple of years which lead to “Critical Mass.” Then this record label out of California called Nuclear War Now took interest and released it via vinyl. So from doing that, it lead to underground tours, gigs etc.

But then I would have to travel and need to get a backup band, heading out to Austria need to backup band, going to Brazil backup band. So a solid line-up wasn’t set yet. I did one more demo – I believe in 2007 and sent that off to some labels where Relapse came out to be the best response. Since then we replaced our old drummer, have this new guy along with our bassist and everything has been working out great ever since.

2. If you had to describe your sound to someone what would you tell them?

Joel: I would say thrash punk basically combining different styles of music similar to sounding a lot like Hellhammer.

3. Your debut An Overdose of Death… is out. Tell us about it.

Joel: Well it’s not really our debut album but it’s our third record that’s actually received the most disruption. It has new songs that I’d like to call “Nuclear Speed Metal” I don’t know really but I like how the recording came together and how raw and intense it is overall.

4. Pick one song on the “An Overdose of Death…,” and tell us about it. How was it inspired?

Joel: Well I’d have to pick “Nuke The Cross,” a lot of people hear the title and atomically think it’s a Satanic theme song it’s actually more about ending religion than the title claims it to be when looking at the lyrics. I’m not a big fan of a religion or a Satanist I just like doing my own thing and believe what I believe in.

5. Do you have any plans for the next release?

Joel: Yeah got a bunch of new songs ready to record so everyone should be seeing that very soon.

6. You guys have been constantly touring, what is one of the most memorable places you’ve been too?

Joel: Most memorable place would have to be in Japan it’s so different than any other place we’ve been too. It’s a completely different culture than anywhere else.

7. What are your upcoming plans for the rest of 2009?

Joel: We got a tour with Satyricon happening and then another with The Black Dahlia Murder coming up along with heading to Europe in December so basically lots more touring going on.

8. What are your goals for Toxic Holocaust?

Joel: Just get on the road and release more records. I don’t really have any goals just meet more fans and make new friends and get our music heard while out on the road.

9. What are one good thing and one bad thing about being in a band?

Joel: The good thing is all the girls we meet, and the interviews we do. The bad thing is not making any money but I do enjoy doing what I do.

10. Anything else you’d like to add?

Joel: Hopefully you’ll see us on the road we’ll be coming to your tour so come check us out!

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