Tryxo Indie Invasion Tour Announces International Line-Up

Online music retailer Tryxo announced its international line-up for the Indie Invasion Tour in Germany next month. The bands include Derek Jordan (LA), The J.U.S. Evolution (NYC) and 9lies (Belfast). A team of experts and students selected the three bands from artists selling their music through Tryxo’s online platform that applied to the Campus Tour by May 1st, 2009.

“The artists are all international newcomers that do not have a major label record contract,” noted Tryxo founder Natalie Vandersluis. “Nevertheless, their songs, production and sound quality as well as their talent prove their class and that they deserve to be on this tour!”

Tryxo also announced some initial dates for the German tour this coming June:

17.06.2009 – RWTH Aachen, Karmanhof 7pm – 10pm

18.06.2009 – University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin 8pm – 11pm

The Tryxo Indie Invasion Tour will be held in universities across Germany throughout the month of June 2009. Tryxo’s Indie Invasion Tour is being organized by Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, a German University where dedicated 14 students coordinating everything from logistics, to marketing, to communicating with the other participating schools.

The J.U.S. Evolution

Bio: The J.U.S. Evolution Bio American Dream His childhood friends in Far Rockaway thought he was strange for listening to Rock music. As a young rapper, his penchant for rhyming over live instrumentals confused A&Rs. P. Diddy confessed he dug his style, but would playfully describe him as a “weird dude.” Others have called him “different,” “odd,” “eccentric,” but never has he been labeled a conformist. After nearly a decade of uncompromising dedication to his craft, Jus (born: Allah Ricks) has finally realized his lifelong dream ?The J.U.S Evolution.

Derek Jordan

Bio: Derek Jordan is a singer/guitarist/songwriter in Hollywood, CA. While performing live, he bares his red handprint on his chest to embrace his “Identity”, which happens to be the title of his newly released debut album. Derek?s musical message focuses on individualism and fighting conformity, believing that everyone has the power to claim their own identity and not the one expected by their peers.


Bio: The northern-irish Band 9Lies was founded in 2003 and has been successful in many ways across many borders. In 2007 their song “Slippin Away” was downloaded more then 43.000 times and the band was awarded the ASCAP award for excellence in songwriting. That same year 9lies played with well known acts such as the Sugababes, the Fun Lov’in Criminals at the Vena Music Festival in L?dz, Polen. Their diverse music style is inspired by such music legends as U2 or Nirvana and can range from energetic uptempo rock to melodic rock ballads with amazing guitar solos.

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