War Tapes

Who knew that tapes would be at war with one another? Is it because compact discs are over powering them so much that they’ve simply had enough altogether? I guess that?s the case and the only problem remaining is that they’re at war! War Tapes just so happens to be the name of your everyday modern day rock n’roll band just seeking the recognition they so deserve. Which brings us to the musical source waves and their first attempt at firing the cannons in this war brought them victory with their self-titled EP and now their full length “The Continental Divide.” Giving you the listener the in depth experience in a more advance effect. The guitars and drumming methods used this time around, present themselves in a more modern sensation being more upbeat and catchy. A handful of tracks that were offered on their EP have been revised with a more modern sense and feeling added to them. Some tunes that stand out the most includes; “Dreaming,” “The Night Unfolds,” “All The World’s a Stage,” and “For Eternity,” each of these filled with nothing but the best lyrical context usage around. The lyrics speak to you with the exact feelings and emotions the musicians singing them are feeling. It’s the perfect solution to keep your emotions on high not letting them sink any lower but rise them above. War Tape’s so called war is not yet over and the sensation you receive after listening to their debut efforts is just the start of something out-going and free.