William Control

Front man Will of hardcore act Aiden has gone solo for the time being with his new project William Control and his debut efforts “Hate Culture.” This is a butchered up cut from his original work is well known for, and he is now smothered with black latex and clove smoke screens with flashing lights as the techno beatings beat you half to death.

Taking you to a whole new world the S&M after-party world of industrial beatings you will simply get addicted to over and over again. It’s music for the blood drinks of the undead world, and the night crawlers who are always looking for a 5AM dance club open 24/7. “Hate Culture,” is Will’s stylish side of work with a lot of twists and turns that get your body grooving to the beat of the music that draws you in every tune played. Having pounding dance rock rhythms and dark wave melancholy that will make fans of any type of heavy rock music get their butts moving on the dance floor. Combined with some heavy drum machines and irresistible bass lines and killer soloing riffs that breaks the sound waves completely in every possible direction.

Having looping synthesizers of Will’s domineering voice, of “Hate Culture,” draw you in each and every time you hear the name let alone have the music play. Be discovered in an atmosphere for those who are ready to witness a whole new realm of the dark rock world of dread.