When you thought the wizardy world was all said and done. Once the final conclusion was put to rest, in the world conjured up by one boy wizard that everybody has come to love and adore but that’s one wizardy fact that was completely fiction. This is a non-fiction matter, in fact its musical, and its purpose is to bring upon a whole new wizardy affect, one consisting of not only warlocks, and wizards alike, but welcoming the female witches to partake in their craftsmanship of spirits and spells.

This type of metal is known simply as “witching metal” if you couldn’t guess it by now, from the introduction. Witchbreed is fronted by female vocalist Ruby – she brings forth the likeness of other metal acts, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, and modern rock goers Evanescence. Built upon a solid surface, “Heretic Rapture,” has a handful of good things to point out. The outer layer is laid out with the heavy blackened riffs that tend to push out the songs in a much powerful manner, allowing the percussion to serve a heavier tone and purpose.

Thus, the heaviness from the double-bass, fills in the patterns that keeps the songs sounding fresh and powerful. The choruses often are tossed back and forth having to turn down the music than pumping it upward causing the hook-ins to fall flat. Sounding precisely alike from time to time, minus these affects, Witchbreed has delivered a great album that has thrown itself upon the circle of wit, magic, and wisdom.