Wretched’s “The Exodus Of Autonomy,” blows these musicians directly out of the water and into your lap with fast roaring guitar riffs with blast beating drum rolls with heart racing vocal skills that blow your mind to bits and pieces. “Before The Rise,” “A Preservation Of Immortality,” and a “Final Devourment,” all combine together forming one giant tune of pure destruction.

The drumming on each of these selected tunes gives your head a rattling and a shaking like nothing you’ve heard before. The vocals creates the surrounding barrier keeping the sound vibrations impacted together as the music is roughly played through. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina these heavy metalers deliver an intense punch to the kisser not letting anything get in their way. Wretched brings some sonic mayhem to your ear drums leaving them craving for more aggression and madness. Wretched keeps the music scene alive not wanting to stop at any moment or anytime soon.

Their unyielding and powerful live and on record tactics just makes the music ten times more enjoyment to consume from beginning to the very end. Fans of Within the Ruins and A Day To Remember will fall head first into this record blaster.