“You Can’t Buy love,” an album with a meaning about the ways of love…. Sonja Dunson was known as the female “Spike Lee”. Her roaring talents consisted of various activities when it came down to directing, producing, location picking, co-starring, co-directing, along with writing the soundtrack this girl had it all. Music making being her specialty she wrote and sang 7-tracks which turn her musical skills upside down. “So Much Feeling In Your Love,” “Your Lovin’ Is So Real…” “Don’t You Understand,” along with the title track to top it all off, Sonja’s musical abilities put her to the test of creating music. Lyrically speaking the lyrics draw in the listener instantly showcasing exactly the feelings the lyrics are discussing. Whereas instrumentally the instruments play a bigger role, rotating this more upbeat catchier rhythm added to them to make the music more enjoyable. Each of these plays off to sounding a lot like Sade’s musical style with very meaningful lyrics and tone of music which melody speaks for it. Sonja is an upcoming inspiration of captivating music that will enlighten everywhere it shines through.