Alternative Rock singer/songwriter Kirsten DeHaan’s EP “Thorns On A Crown” has begun to impact college radio in the Northeast, with over a dozen stations adding tracks from the October release. Kirsten will be making live appearance on Wednesday, November 11th at 5:30-6:30pm at WESU (Wesleyan College, Middletown CT – Fans can help support Kirsten by calling the studio request line at WESU – 860 685 7700.

The full EP is available for download on MusicSubmit and Music Alley.

“I fell in love with Kirsten’s music immediately! Her voice is a rare combination of edgy, sultry, sexy and bluesy that still rocks you to your feet! I’m a fan! And we are proud to have her music on BBS Radio!” Douglas Newsom, CEO of BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio)

– WOZQ (Smith College in Northampton, MA) – ADDED 11/03

– CIUT (Univ Toronto, ON) – ADDED 10/5, “1984”

– WRTC (Trinity College, CT) – ADDED 10/19

– WESU (AAA) (Wesleyan College, CT)- ADDED 9/29

– WFCS (Central Conn State, CT) – ADDED 10/21

– WAMH (Amherst Coll, MA) – ADDED 10/12

– WZBC (Boston College, MA) – ADDED 10/12

– WTBU (Boston Univ, MA) – ADDED 10/19

– WMUA (Univ Mass, MA) -ADDED 10/12,”1984″

– WBER (AAA) (Monroe Univ- Rochester NY)- ADDED, “Ms Daisy”

– WHRW (SUNY Binghamton, NY) – ADDED 10/19

– WRHU (Hofstra, Long Island NY) – ADDED 10/6

– WUSB (SUNY Stonybrook, Long Island NY) – ADDED 10/6

– WARC (Allegheny Univ, PA) – ADDED 9/29

– WCLZ (South Portland, Maine) – ADDED I’m Coming Home 10/10 & The Night Shift 10/20

“Thorns On A Crown” is by far her most mature work to date. In the current etch and sketch environment of musicians singing to beats generated by machines, it is refreshing to find an artist who wholeheartedly exudes meaning and truth, a feat that only a genuine musician can accomplish. She may be considered a newcomer to the music industry, but there is enough raw passion, talent, and promise on “Thorns On A Crown” to say definitively that Kirsten DeHaan will around for many years to come.

“Thorns On A Crown” Tracklisting:

1) 1984

“1984” skillfully maneuvers its way from beginning to end as DeHaan puts her vocal range along with a knack for soothing tones to good use, singing in a soft, but gutsy manner. The guitar playing over a catchy beat works well with her voice to produce a sultry and graceful fusion of folk and rock.

2) Double Or Nothing

DeHaan produces a well-crafted, solid folk-rock tune with passionate delivery over a foot-tapping guitar melody in “Double Or Nothing.” The sharpness of her lyrics and gritty tone gives the song a freshness That will keep any listener engaged, even after multiple plays.

3) The Night Shift

“The Night Shift” delves into the very familiar territory of love as DeHaan’s candor and humility together make this song easy to relate to. DeHaan’s voice captures the feelings of a woman waiting and thirsting for love. Even the silences between notes seem to shout out her vulnerability.

4) I’m Coming Home

A piercing harmonica complements the delicacy in DeHaan’s sweet voice in “I’m Coming Home.” The layered sound and musicality gives a classic rock feel that is emphasized by the ‘call and response’ between DeHaan and the harmonica.

5) Ms. Daisy

“Ms. Daisy” builds a sweet melody around the idea of hope. Initially, the song seems inconspicuous and gentle, but DeHaan’s voice is so melodious and colorful, it quickly works its way into the listener’s heart and soul.

About Kirsten DeHaan

Kirsten DeHaan is a true jack of all musical trades. Not just a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist, she promotes her music via her label SirLady Records, does various philanthropic work for American soldiers in the Middle East, and is a strong and active proponent of the New York indie music scene.

DeHaan stomped onto the indie music scene to rave reviews in 2004 with her first album release “Conform.” Critics compared her music to that of Nirvana, U2, and Belly. Her music has been downloaded over 1 million times via various peer-to-peer sites and featured on the hit reality shows Made and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Declaring “Conform” to be one of the most popular records next to the Killers and Ashlee Simpson by, DeHaan was among five artists chosen for Men’s Vogue/Hennessey Flaunt Your Taste Critics Choice Awards.