Digital downloads will complement our full affiliate program already in place..

If you have digital content and looking for distribution let us know??

Proimages Communications has been developing online cloud based tools for bands and musicians since 1996. The speed that’s required to keep up with the giant successes on the web over the last ten years has made it hard to move their project forward.

The little network is about to grow to over over 200 sites and 2 million topic driven pages..and has over 3000 members.

Owner Darrin Nupuf states “we are not out of the race just yet.” Everything we are building is meant to integrate with and help maintain the social sites that help you grow your business..Automation is a key factor in our future plans!!

The networking philosophy and platform we are developing is truly web 3.0 and could change things quite fast. That’s why we’ve pull most of the good stuff off the web.

Over the next year we are deploying a number of targeted shopping cart systems, dedicated to specific markets. We will be testing our site generator on a few key projects.

By 2012 we hope to be able to offer a full deployment of our web 3.0 suite!