Houston-based start-up announces onseeker music is now available- free to consumers at the iTunes App Store. The new iPhone app connects fans, artists, and venues in ways never experienced before. onseeker music is the “how” to the “who, what, when, and where” for music and entertainment. Using the mobile platform, onseeker music provides the unique benefit of real-time interaction between fans, artists, and venues using full multimedia profiles, status updates, location-based content, and more.

Subscriber artists and venues control content and receive consumer-generated feedback, metrics, and analytics that offer intimate insight into tastes and user trends previously unavailable.

The feature-rich app is growing and changing daily as new artist and venue subscribers populate the platform with profiles, show dates, and new media content. Plans are currently underway to offer the onseeker music app through all major smartphones including Google Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, WindowsOS, and Nokia.

Create a profile or learn more about it at (http://www.onseekermusic.com).