Indie label SirLady Records announces its partnership with digital music distributor and licensing company Oseao Media Group for an October 6th digital release of alternative rock singer-songwriter Kirsten DeHaan’s “Thorns On A Crown.” DeHaan’s new EP encompasses the sweetness of Liz Phair, a soft, airy quality like that of Sia, and the rich alto of Fiona Apple.

“We’re very excited at Oseao to have the privelage of working with Kirsten and Musicdish,” said OSEAO General Manager Jon Lemmon. “This is one of the most exciting partnerships and projects we’ve come across in some time, and we’re thrilled to help push and promote the new EP.”

Oseao Media Group will be working closely with major digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon and eMusic to support and promote the EP release. The release will also be supported by a full internet marketing campaign managed by MusicDish Network, including PR/brand development, netradio marketing, viral campaigns, industry outreach, social media networking and fanbuilding.

“I’ve been following Kirsten career for several years, having booked her to our ‘Listen Liberally’ showcase in 2006,” said MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay. “It’s a real pleasure to work with not just such a talented songwriter and performer, but a true music entrepreneur.”

“My intention for ‘Thorns on Crown’ is to put it in the best hands possible so that it can do its job and flourish,” Kirsten DeHaan SirLady Records. “Those set of hands without question are MusicDish and Oseao.”

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The songs on her five-track EP extend over a range of toe-tapping to somber. In the current music world of soulless musicians singing to beats generated by machines, it is refreshingly evident to have DeHaan whole-heartedly fulfill a responsibility of realness and truth, a responsibility that only a genuine musician could touch. She may be considered a newcomer to the music industry, but there is enough passion, talent, and promise on Thorns On A Crown to imagine what the future will bring if Kirsten DeHaan pushes forward in being the driving force behind her music.

Kirsten DeHaan is a true jack of all musical trades. Not only is she a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist, she promotes her music via her label SirLady Records, does various philanthropic work for American soldiers in the Middle East, and is a big proponent of the New York indie music scene. DeHaan stomped onto the indie music scene in 2004 when she released her first album “Conform.” Reviewers compared her music to that of Nirvana, U2, and Belly. Her music has been downloaded over 1 million times via various peer-to-peer sites and featured on hit reality shows Made and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Declaring “Conform” one of the most popular records next to the Killers and Ashlee Simpson by, Kirsten was one of five artists chosen for Men’s Vogue/Hennessey Flaunt Your Taste Critics Choice Awards. Her latest offering, a five song EP dubbed “Thorns On A Crown” is by far her most mature work to date.

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