“Songs from the Suburbs”, the latest record from Adult Contemporary singer-songwriter Susan Barth, is available for purchase today via major online retailers iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and Napster. Distributed by Oseao Media Group, this album is charming and endearing. With a retro songwriting style and a voice that ranges from sultry and sensuous, to playful and painful, always introspective and yet delightful, Susan Barth has carved a place for herself in the genre of Adult Contemporary music that recalls the glory days of 60’s and 70’s pop music.

“Songs From The Suburbs”, is the kind of CD that almost everyone can relate to. The songs initially sound gentle and simple, but it is within the lyrics where the listener can find an entire world of hope and hurt, good and bad, all laced with catchy melodies, perfect harmonies, and just the right blend of rock and acoustic instruments. And her voice can sell every song, even when she is playing with dark suburban material.

Susan Barth – “Songs from the Suburbs”


“Songs from the Suburbs” track listing:

(1) Perfect Storm – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Perfect Storm

>From the first line the song’s wry and self effacing charm is a pure throwback to the 60’s with a melody you can remember before the song is even halfway through and harmonies and tubas on the bridge that remind you of the golden age of radio songs.

(2) Sundays – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Sundays

Chiming guitars, powerful piano chords mislead you for the intro and then the song turns a little sad but always keeps the melodies and the harmonies coming. A big favorite at live shows.

(3) Rainbows – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Rainbows

Again, a deceptive song that seems to be a wishful thinking nod to fairy land but there is a bitter twist in the lyrics that is at odds with the first impression of a simple rootsy mandolin tune.

(4) Sleeping In – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Sleeping In

The startling, funky cello intro completely surprises the listener. A lush sweeping epic, beautifully arranged.

(5) And Yet – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - And Yet

Travis picked acoustic guitar, whimsical and sad it speaks to the lost dreams we all have from high school days. A gorgeous melancholy song that has echoes of Simon and Garfunkel. Another melody you will remember after hearing it once.

(6) One More Year – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - One More Year

The lyrics describe any suburban life, part sweet, part sour, mostly disappointed and a perfect example of a song from the suburbs.

(7) Chatsworth – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Chatsworth

The one song on the CD that is an unapologetic electric guitar rock song, but filled with comedic descriptions of one particular suburb in Los Angeles. It rocks and it’s hilarious.

(8) 20,000 Self Help Books – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - 20,000 Self Help Books

The dark and brooding intro is a clue to the quiet despair and failings of the subject in this song.

(9) How It Goes – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - How It Goes

A whimsical fantasy of what might happen if the songwriter ever became famous, but tempered with a sad realization that it is just a fantasy.

(10) Wrong – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Wrong

Nakedly emotional and raw, the song is very short and a damning reply to someone who has caused someone else a lot of pain.

(11) Gonna Do It – Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Gonna Do It

A trippy little song of hope and belief that quietly affirms someone’s life despite all the dark dreams and broken promises of suburban life.






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