In June 2011 this video was post – Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer

It took Rossi 22 years to get to this point with zero outside help. He has spent well over 3 million dollars so far. Andrea Rossi’s technology deals with compressed hydrogen, nickel powder and an unknown catalyst.

It’s completely different than water fuel cells.

In two times in October the units were tested and a first prototype of 1MW facility was demonstrated. Wheres the big interviews with main stream news? This could be ground breaking or at least a great show of human spirit.

If this is real and he has achieved even 1/10 of his announcement, then it should be front page News and scientists should be adding new pages to physics books. We’ve been though this before with each advancement of understanding. E=MC2 The status quot stand up in opposition every time, I see this flow though politics, Cooperation’s..on and on.

Why are so many opposed to advancement?
Why do the so few have to absorb ridicule while trying to develop an idea to its fullest. Society needs to learn to help these people grow and not through them over the cliff for proposing new ideas and thoughts publicly. Without the public aspect world changing ideas can be hidden and lost forever.

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Food for thought!

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