We’re back and ready for action. The Musicgroups Network has had many set backs over the years. The last round of hacker attacks severely crippled our ancient server. Long story short the old systems needed a major overhaul from day 1! We did launch one of the earliest social networks on the web thousands of bands and musicians have had free sites for almost 10 years now. It’s still here today because I believe that the goals set down in 1999 are better for the web then the mega sites and info hogs we live with today!

IndieMusicNews.com is one of the pillar sites that make up the network of 200 sites. While its technical dribble to most. The servers that have stopped this business dead..are now fixed!!. IMN is the first step in moving a large social network like Facebook representing thousands of bands world-wide. If you’ve ever had to recover stuff from a dead laptop that is basically the deal x1000.

In this migration we are merging, repairing, and modernizing our foundation and framework. IndieMusicNews.com will be finished first and start developing News content in the next few weeks. There are 20 more News related sites right behind this one! Next few steps are team building and job creating! If you want to help build a News Network please get in touch with us!
Darrin Nupuf
ceo proimages communications