5 Dollar Music Business Website Helps DIY Musicians Market, Promote And Sell Their Music

New niche micro job website is first to offer musicians, music services and products for only 5 bucks

The website MusicBusinessMarketplace.com is proud to launch the first micro job site dedicated exclusively to Musicians, Artist and Bands.

The purpose of the site is to provide do it yourself (DIY) artist, musicians and bands with away to hire a virtual teams to help them build and maintain their music business. Musicians buy micro jobs from freelancers who earn $4 for delivery of each service. The services come in a wide range, from online music marketing to web development and programming.

On 11/30/2012 Founder Fred Demming a 25 year veteran of the music industry was quoted as saying “MusicBusinessMarketplace.com is the place where Musicians, Artist and Bands can find the services, tools and support they need in order to take their music careers to the next level”.

Fred identified a need for these micro services based on the lack of affordable resources and services that support musicians who are out in the trenches everyday, performing live and releasing albums.

According to music industry studies 57% of musicians are selling less than 50 albums per year.

Based On this report Fred concluded that most artist, musicians and bands are not lacking in talent but are lacking in the area of marketing and promotion. And that is where the Music Business Marketplace can help artist, musicians and bands by providing a fun and easy way to buy services that can create and implement targeted marketing and promotion, which will help musicians engage there fan base, generate more music sales and create a bigger draw at live shows.

Besides being the first and only five dollar microjob website dedicated to the music industry. Fred also mentioned that soon for those who join the site, there will also be away to buy and sell musical equipment on Music Business Marketplace,just like eBay.

To Learn more about Music Business Marketplace and our many joint venture and affiliate marketing opportunities please call or contact us via email or visit us at: MusicBusinessMarketplace.com

Contact Information:
Music Business Marketplace
LoopMode Corporation
780 W. Army Trail Rd. #278
Carol Stream,Ill 60188


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