“Angels in Chaos Releases Debut Single

This young new UK band from Yorkshire, have just signed to Bravesoul records and will release their first official single “Say Goodbye” in August. Angels in Chaos fans have been waiting excitingly for their debut single to come out and had a pre-taster in the form of a pre-release Video track of the song on the Bravesoul radio site www.bravesoulradio.com.

This young and very talented band have had some great comments made of them from insiders in the music business and that some are calling this band the next big thing to hit the charts. The band has a fresh and sobering sound and a feel that really does lack in today’s charts, with a catchy tune like “Say Goodbye” which by the way, was written by Dylan Charles, the track hits the right spot. With lots of interest from DJ’s and radio stations alike, it won’t be long before we see and hear this band in the mainstream of music and heading upwards towards the heights of success.

What can be said about the AIC debut single “Say Goodbye”? It certainly has an infectious melody line and with a nice bit of rapping that comes to the forefront of the song in the middle, it no doubt carries current favour with those that like urban pop and are willing and still buying CD singles in the major music stores and online at the moment. With a good dose of harmonies thrown in, the track soon becomes a classic “urban pop song” with great vocals from Chloe, Yasmin, Jack and Jamie the Angels in Chaos brand will become a success. The single will be available on ITunes and all leading and major download sites and in music stores from August. If you want to hear what the fuss is all about go to www.bravesoullabel.com and bravesoulradio.com and check them out!!!

Watch this space for more information soon……