Major cable music network, owned by Madison Square Garden, FUSE is known for its music-centric programming, is now casting for real people who want to use the power of music to say something special to a surprised family member or friend.

Do you have huge news to share & want to use a popular song to say it?
Former Producers from “America’s Got Talent” will be looking for outgoing, creative, and ambitious individuals who have been waiting a lifetime to share their important message in this fun & musical way.
All you need is a great story and a special someone to share your news with.
The FUSE producers will assemble the best music video producers, editors, directors to help you produce the best music video ever! (worth thousands of dollars!)

Everyone has seen the viral “Marry Me” videos on Youtube.

We’re open to that, but also looking for other exciting stories like:
•We’re having a baby!
•I’m sorry! [For smashing your car. For stealing your boyfriend.]
•I’m joining the Army! [Or, “Surprise, I’m home early from my deployment.”]
•I Quit! [Or, perhaps, “You’re Fired.” Also, “You’re promoted.”]
•Congratulations! [You got accepted to your dream college! We bought you a car!]
•I’m gay.
•I love you.
•I’m your real Father/Mother!
•I think we should see other people
•I’m getting a sex change.
Be creative. Hit us with anything else that’s life altering, upbeat & fun. And we’ll help you figure out how to say it with song.
We are currently looking for people who are:
•18 or older, US citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States
•Outgoing, charismatic, and willing to share your news on national TV.
•Located in Southern California.
Submit a 1-2 minute video message or your photo and story to:

When contacting us please include your name, contact info, occupation, a current photo, and a summary of your story telling us why your story should be featured on Music is The Message!
(*This is a casting call with no guarantee of acceptance)