Hey guys, Sonia here from SLW Promotions.

I am pleased to announce that I am working with German Guitar Virtuoso Alex Schadler (ex Love Like Blood) who has just released his debut solo album ‘Temporaris’.

Check out Alex in action here ‘Temporaris’:


After only two weeks of posting, this video has hit over 12k views and is rising! Don’t miss out! Not only will Alex be appealing to Rock and Metal genres, but also to the Progressive Rock side as he mixes various styles too, including Jazz, Blues to create a musical masterpiece.

Tracks from the album will be aired on Headbangers FM (NL) on Wednesday 7th November at 1500 CET. Listen in at: http://www.headbangersfm.com

SLW Promotions

Artist: Alexander Schadler

Genre: Rock/Prog/Virtuoso

Short Biog:


Album „TEMPORARIS 2012

Press Contact: sonia@slwpromotions.net
Booking Contact: booking@al-x-music.com

Music is always the most fun when it sounds inspired and visionary. The variety in the solo debut of guitarist Alexander Schadler (Love Like Blood, Shifty Sheriffs) makes TEMPORARIS a very special tour de force through the creative orbit of this outstanding talent. It is jam packed with addictive hooks, blistering solos and rocking melodies with inserts of Blues and Jazz. To cut a long story short: This is no musical fast-food or uniform pulp. This album stands out by its sheer craftsmanship, compositional talent and the courage not to allow pseudo-standards and would-be taboos to limit his creative spirit. TEMPORARIS only demands an open mind and curiosity about unusual music!