Songwriter Neil Jacobson


Unsung Holiday Finally Gets A Song

Listen to “It’s Thanksgiving Time” :

New York, NY- (September 4, 2012) Neil Jacobson, musician and songwriter, has always enjoyed the traditional holiday tunes that were part of his childhood. Although he has written and recorded many songs, it’s been a dream of his to compose the ultimate holiday standard. This dream is finally realized with the completion of “It’s Thanksgiving Time,” a new holiday classic.

“There are many songs about the holidays, but nothing definitive has been written for one of the warmest and most celebrated of American occasions, Thanksgiving. I want to bring the good feeling it embodies to the forefront because I believe that music has a very profound effect on all people and all cultures. It has the power to change people’s minds in a time that really needs positive messages of hope, togetherness, and love. ‘It’s Thanksgiving Time’ is written in the style of the classic timeless, songs that form the soundtrack to our enjoyment of the holidays. It is composed in a manner that is open to different interpretations and performances. I look forward to other artists’ personalizations of the song and to their giving voice to it for audiences around the world.” —Neil Jacobson

Listen to “It’s Thanksgiving Time” :

Neil grew up in Oceanside, New York, and has been involved in music since the age of 7, first playing folk guitar and then drums with his brother, John, a child-prodigy pianist, and continuing to perform with him throughout junior high and high school.

Formal music education continued at Shenandoah University in Virginia and then in New York City at the Manhattan School of Music. He has played in many NYC clubs, and he also formed a partnership with keyboardist Peter Schott with whom he wrote music for jingles, television, and album projects. They collaborated with noted French animation master Jean-Pierre Jacquet and created several animated series, including The Bugs, Frik & Frak, and Deadbeats.

Neil continues to perform and compose in New York.