Where do I start ….Well firstly they are a ‘French Band’ since we are used to dealing and reviewing UK bands it was a bit of a surprise, to be honest. When we picked up the album “Permanent Midlife Crisis”, we didn’t know what to expect and according to the burb from their record label “Bravesoul Records” they were a rock band from Paris with, and we quote “pop with cortisone… Stuck between their love for The Ramones and Cindy Lauper, they sound as if Kurt Cobain had killed Bono and taken control of U2…” With such an interesting by-line we couldn’t wait to hear this album and blast it through the office speakers.

We reviewed the album ‘Permanent Midlife Crisis’ on a Friday afternoon so we were already in a good mood and this album just made things even better. It starts with the new single Every Minute, Every Hour and in our opinion rightly so, it is possibly the best track on the album and the most liked track in the office. With a great guitar sound and fast drum beat, the song immediately captures the moment with its catchy chorus. The second track “Like Fudge on My Lips” was good, but lacked the careful construction of the first track, although nicely written and played it kept up the rock theme with its the fast pace and great vocals. The Colour of Blood was our second favourite on the album, with its slow rhythmic beat and good guitar work and vocals that sounded like Bono of U2 a great track that shows what this band is capable of. The next track, Birth Control brought the usual rock sound back with the fast guitar work and pounding beat, but seemed to lack the control of the tracks that went before, a good song, but not the best on the album. “Ain’t So Pretty”, took me and the others in the office back to the good old days when rock music was king with its real frantic pace and lovely crafted guitar work with the backing of a real great beat and vocals to kill for. The track certainly makes this album one of those that you don’t mind spending a few quid on!!
So far so good, this album is becoming an instant hit with us and we are starting to love this band and its debut album. The next track “Imported Guns” is a slower paced track with a simple but catchy chorus, well-constructed and put together with feeling. The track “Running Dry” we did not like, but hay there is always a track or two on any album that does not seem to hit the right spot, it is a song reminiscent of punk rather than rock and it sounded out of place on a real rock album.
The track “Doll House” I really liked, not all of us felt the same, but I thought that it was a classic with a sound and music structure that was second to none and a great track that had a quality and perfect feel. “Hollywood Movies” was the next track up and sounded like a number from other classic rock bands and could have come from Snow Patrol or U2, not a bad thing, but not so original as other tracks on the album, although after saying that it was a real nice track and just adds to the quality of a great album. The track “She” gives off that hard edge once again and starts up the more original sound of the album and again “Bee Hive” picks up this fast tempo with nice drum rolls and sometimes over the top vocals. The last track of the album called “Permanent Midlife Crisis” the same name of the album completed this well-crafted, well-constructed and a real great album from a French band that would put to shame some UK rock bands…well done Talia .

Talia are a classic and original Rock band with many influences that can be heard throughout the album, but I refuse to name them because we believe that this band should be heard for their own sake and if you purchase this album you won’t be disappointed. With its twelve tracks of real great rock music you can’t go wrong.
Album is available through ITunes and all major and leading download sites. Also available in selected retail outlets.

Reviewed by: Pete Falcon and Friends

Bravesoul Records  – Steve Butcher