TRIPPINʼ THE MIND FANTASTIC w/ HOST Jefferson Langley & co-host Ima Sumac
Watkins along with special guests each week who will add to the conversations as we
delve deep into the human experience & pull back the veils one layer at a time to find
the pure essence & hidden knowledge within that connects US ALL as souls existing in
a human body. ONE ARE WE!

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Wednesdays at 6:00pm PST

Topic: Mind-bending Conversations about the secrets behind the veil of life
In the modern day of personal growth and spiritual innovation to elevate the human
experience, this new show of philosophies toward the answers to life will inspire and
enrich the daily dose of enlightenment to contribute to a more successful moment and a
more enriched YOU. A cutting edge radio show where Jefferson pushes the envelope,
along with his co-host Ima, to journey through the basic elements of becoming fully
aware and fulfilling your own destiny of self-realization. Each week we will venture
through the unknown and peel back the layers of the onion to reveal the truths that have
been just out of our reach for millennia.

This show will gyrate in and out of the territories about self-awareness that eludes us to
this day and the dynamics of life experiences. We take an exciting look into the different
aspects of how to be in a strong energetic place within as we are right with ourselves no
matter what the situation is in front of you. We hope that you have a fun time listening to
these powerful personalities discuss these monumental topic between the host and
guests, each of whom have a personal and extensive understanding that will help
resolve many unanswered questions for all of us.

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members to take a long adventurous look into what we are all about as people, how we
are stronger than we think and how survival is merely a mental state of living life. Rather
than exploring our fullest potential, embracing the successful lives we are here to build
and achieve from within ourselves a better understanding of togetherness. Letʼs heal
ourselves from this way of thinking that controls us through survival and forces us into
drastic measures with minimal positive results.

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