“Belgium’s Strato-Vani orchestra and Italian tenor Rudy Giovannini will air a TV special on Christmas Day on Belgium’s Ment TV. The orchestra recorded an album of songs based on Johann Strauss melodies in 2012, and performed together in a show recorded at the Flanders Expo in Ghent, called “Strato-Vani in Wien” (Strato-Vani in Vienna). Other guests at the show included Will Tura, Bandit and Barbara Dex.

Unique Johann Strauss show premieres on Belgian TV

Strato-Vani in the classical charts

“”Viva Strauss”” subsequently entered Belgium’s classical charts, reaching the n° 1 position and staying in the charts for over 18 weeks. Giovannini has been performing songs from the album at his shows across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Giovannini is currently touring in Germany through December 2012 and January 2013.

“Viva Strauss” contains some of the best-known Strauss melodies with totally new arrangements as well as lyrics by Irish lyricist Michael Leahy. The sweeping melodies are used in romantic songs, whereas the polkas are used to comic effect in tracks such as “Mausi Sagt”, “Die Speed Date Polka” and “Tritsch-Tratsch”. References to Facebook and Twitter give the songs a contemporary touch.

“Viva Strauss” was recorded in English and German, with English versions set for release in 2013. The TV special will also be released at a later date.

For more information visit http://vivastrauss.com or http://www.menttv.be/”