TAMPA, FL Walls Bend Productions announces that talent casting for the short subject music video featuring the song Hatchet in the Attic by Brahm Bones is now complete. Filming is scheduled begin in the Pasco County area on December 22, 2012.

Guest Director Rit Anasky conceived the vision for this piece. Jeremy Westrate, Creative Director of Walls Bend elaborates, “We wanted a fresh perspective on our next video for Brahm Bones from the Feathered Hand video we did. Rit’s unique outlook and visionary abilities became obvious during our collaboration on his film currently in preproduction. I played [Hatchet in the Attic for Anasky], letting him know we’re working on a video for the song, and ideas just started streaming from him. From there, everything just clicked and now he’s lending his talent to the project. The song resonated with him and now that energy needs to find its way onto film.”

The video for Hatchet in the Attic will take form as a short subject film depicting Lone Dancer’s emotional journey. Despite being trapped in the concrete jungle amidst chaos and pain, she finds her way to a place of internal peace and joy that only dancing can provide.

Deigh Polovich of Hudson, Fla. has been selected to fill the starring role of Lone Dancer, a girl who escapes the hardships that her world imposes through the art of dance. Recently appearing as an extra in Pasco Films’ Pharmboy, and having danced in a number of local stage productions, Deigh will make her starring film debut in this work. After a month of casting, sifting through resumes and audition videos, Deigh was selected from nearly a hundred auditions for the role.

Casting Director Daiv Russell recalls the process. “Deigh really stood out from the rest of the auditions. She truly embodies Lone Dancer’s attitude toward her craft. We were quite lucky, casting [the Hatchet in the Attic video] ended up being more a matter of identifying who was already the Lone Dancer, rather than trying to figure out who we could shape into the character. Rit’s true-to-life vision for the role helped simplify finding that perfect fit.”

Makeup artist Dee Dee Seruga has been cast to bring Anasky’s vision to life, leveraging her cosmetic talents to convey Lone Dancer’s butterfly-like transformation as the art of movement propels her into a state of pure being, freeing her from the burdens and weight of her environment.

About Brahm Bones

Brahm Bones is a rock and roll band from Tampa, Florida. Over the past five years, they have etched a sonic notch somewhere between country-fried Americana and late ’80′s college indie rock. Brahm Bones are Blake Masters on Lead Vocals & Guitar, David Kibby on Lead Guitar & Vocals, Thomas Murray on Bass, Matt E. Lee on Keyboards, and Paul Moroz on Drums. Hatchet in the Attic is from their album, Hollow Marrow, released in October 2012 and available through BandCamp. For more information visit brahmbones.com .

Hatchet in the Attic can be found at http://brahmbones.bandcamp.com/track/hatchet-in-the-attic
Brahm Bones Feathered Hand video can be found at http://youtu.be/6knyrDHEJ8E

About Walls Bend Productions

Walls Bend Productions is a video production collective focusing on band and brand recognition. Managing directors Daiv Russell and Jeremy Westrate have dedicated themselves and their team to furthering the independent spirit of the Tampa Bay art community by showcasing local talent through the art of cinematography. They have assisted in the production of three full length motion pictures in the Tampa Bay area, and produced their own short subject films, all while promoting local bands through music videos and artists through commercial spots. For more information, visit wallsbend.com .

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