The Music Licensing Directory launches the next evolution in the crowdsourcing of music.

July 17th 2013: The Music Licensing Directory, ( the leading global music licensing marketplace and resource, today officially launched a music crowdsourcing service where Music Supervisors, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Individuals who need music for any purpose can launch a contest and find music to license for their needs.

Since launching in December last year, The Music Licensing Directory has rapidly built an extensive global community of artists, bands, labels, publishers, producers and composers. The new crowdsourcing platform allows anyone fast and simple access to this global community and an easy way to find both customized music and existing tracks to easily license for just about any purpose.

Crowdsourcing of music has traditionally been plagued by complexity and a lack of confidentiality. After extensive industry consultation the Music Licensing Directory has created a platform that addresses these critical issues.

“Music Licensing can be a time consuming, expensive, daunting and complex process for anyone who needs to find good music for their specific purpose. By utilizing the reach of our global community of music providers, we have come up with a solution that allows for confidentiality, particularly for clients in advertising, whilst still maintaining a fast, simple and personalized service” said Music Licensing Directory CEO Winston Giles.
The Crowdsourcing process caters to projects big and small with varying budgets and for many different purposes. Using the service is free, with no commitment or obligation – users only pay license fees if they are satisfied with tracks submitted.

“We are offering a new approach for those who need music and don’t have the time to sift through libraries with thousands of tracks or the time to get music from multiple sources. In a matter of hours we are able to deliver music suggestions based upon client requirements, and handle all aspects of the licensing process” said Giles.

More information on launching a crowdsourcing contest can be found here:

About the Music Licensing Directory

The Music Licensing Directory is a leading global music licensing marketplace, resource and music crowdsourcing platform. This revolutionary new website provides resources and music licensing opportunities to a global community of artists, bands, producers, composers, record labels & industry professionals. The Music Licensing Directory also provides a fast and simple one stop solution for Music Supervisors, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Individuals who are looking to license music for various projects.

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