Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Before the 2016 election landscape has even begun to fully take shape, we know all the persons who will be throwing their hat into the ring to potentially be the next leader of the free world, the most controversial are making a splash; from Ted Cruz making his announcement at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, speaking boisterously about faith in America, returning us to our Christian roots, to Rand Paul pledging to take our country back from the Washington machine returning us to our constitutional roots, thereby freeing her from her perceived government oppressors, jailers, Marco Rubio sounding the alarm to Christians in America about gays and gay rights being a clear and present danger to the faith.  Here we go again another politician promising things beyond the scope of his office; whether it’s Rand Paul most recent promise to ‘blow up’ the tax code, simply scrapping it and starting over, Rubio’s assertion global chaos follows America’s failure to lead while being a member of the party moving less and less legislation, doing less and less on big issues Americans say matters to them, vowing to reduce business regulation, reductions that brought us the ‘08 recession and repeal and replace Obama care, the former of which has been tried literally close to 100 times and failed, current republicans who have no alternative, actions he won’t be able to achieve without a cooperative congress. To Lindsey Graham stating to CBS news he’s been more right than wrong on foreign policy, says the world is falling apart but has spearheaded the dozenth Benghazi hearing while ignoring the state of our roads and bridges except to bemoan their condition while cameras are rolling, or Jeb Bush pledging to fix Washington, create 19 million new jobs, a little hard to do when congress votes down every jobs plan you create, the singular problem following president Obama on the subject. None more guilty of making promises no one could keep, never mind within the confines of the office of president, as his fellow party members would remind him, president not king, than personified joke but savvy media hound Donald Trump, who shocked many in the political arena, analysts by announcing his candidacy to be the next leader of the free world after several teases to the media and the public in recent years. His top 9 promises beginning a shocking 40 some minute, no holds barred speech covering the outlandish to the downright racist encompassed some things which he would ‘do immediately’ including repealing and replacing ‘the big lie’ Obama care; though watchers noted he never said with what, a recurring theme for Trump as he next stated he would build a great wall at our southern border. Demonstrating his ego in saying no one can build them better than me, adding it was to be done with marked cost efficiency, revealed in his succinct declaration of having Mexico pay for it. 3rd and 4th dealt with foreign policy proclaiming no one would be tougher on ISIS than he, again no details on what that would mean in terms of spending militarily, strategy, how that would differ from the current administration; doubtlessly leaving off the almost inevitable probability, his plan getting us into another war, committing more troops to the middle east, wildly unpopular with voters. He boldly announced he would stop Iran from possessing a nuclear bomb, pausing to take a jab at the sitting secretary of state John Kerry letting viewers know they wouldn’t be using a man who “has absolutely no concept of negotiation;” openly lashing out, he would again immediately terminate Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration. You know the one giving dreamers, young people brought here as minors opportunities for student and work permits. Ending common core and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure were probably the only points of common ground; curious still, how he plans to create his great America, his booming economy if there are no uniform standards nationwide regarding education, what his words hint at, not just removing the present dysfunctional common core. Also popular, particularly with his age demographic, his robust words on saving Medicare, Medicaid and social security tacking on nonchalantly, as if it were inconsequential and unimportant, he planned to do so by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse, but save it. Unclear, how much of his definition of “fraud,” “waste” or, a nebulous term in this instance, “abuse” would be older people, people struggling with disease, disability severely limiting their job options, ability to eke out a living; thus shoving through the cracks people who truly need it. Lastly in his listing of what he set himself to accomplish he pontificated that the American dream sadly was dead but with him at the helm he would bring it back bigger, better and stronger; several times invoking the phrase to make our country great again.

Making the country great again by what, causing every other country to hate us, not just for our considerable wealth, the freedoms we have, chiefly Arab nations, are jealous of, but directly due to the way we “negotiate” better resembling school yard bullies stealing lunch money from preschool and kindergarteners. You cannot have the economic policies of Kim Jung Un leveling economic bombs anywhere and everywhere, threatening fellow nations with your own brand of economic sanctions, when they are equal players on the world stage and effectively run a country; remember this is the guy who saw the failed negotiation/trade deal to sell Japan American produce and said had he negotiated it they would have had so much food they wouldn’t know what to do with it and like it or he would impose a huge tax on every car he sees coming in, he misleadingly said, tax free. Who said at the same Press Core Luncheon he would stop China’s currency manipulation by sitting down with them and demanding they stop or face a 25% tax on every good coming here from there, calling himself nice that it should be 48%; forgetting apparently that much, if not all, the goods available for purchase in places like Trump Towers were predictably made in China, telling yet another misleading story that all the TV’s in his hotels and so forth are made in Korea because, he can’t find American ones. Again forget a basic Google search turns up at least 2 American companies from that time period; now, setting his sights on Mexico, calling them the new China, despite China’s proven involvement in the Sony hacking scandal and their alleged involvement in several recent cyber-attacks on government facilities, information. But returning Mexico exclusively, he says they are ripping us more than the Asian country, killing us at the border, embarking on a little more than racist rant saying they weren’t sending in the best and the brightest, pointing to various audience areas in the, true to his sideshow fashion, Trump hotel he used for his announcement, practically bellowing they aren’t sending you, you and you, as if, as American citizens we should be sent across our own borders? No according to him they are sending in people with problems, lots of problems drug dealers, rapists, murderers and he supposes some are good people, eerily sounding like Jan Brewer blaming U.S. beheadings on illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartels subsequently unable to name a single one, proving her shock value statement utterly fictitious. His solution to the aforementioned criminal influx and to illegal immigration, build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, at the risk of sounding redundant, once more vague on the details describing exactly how that was supposed to happen; he also pledged to impose a 35% tax on Ford cars build there and shipped back to the U.S. for sale based on their plan to build 4 plants in that country. This from the guy who mangled his facts on every economic point he bought up concerning the country he is basically completing a job application to lead; he misstated the U.S. GDP (gross national product) had never been below zero when in truth, according to, it has been thus 42 times since 1946. Further the 0.7 % drop was a quarterly figure on GDP growth usually analyzed by the year, indicating a decrease in GDP output by the listed amount, attributed to the record snowfall, otherwise bad weather; not actual overall GDP growth percentages, a GDP growing at 1.9 % calculated by the World Bank Atlanta and the Blue Chip number averages from private economists holding in the 2-4 % range. Typical, being the obvious elitist snob he is, he would say there are no jobs to be had when there is in actuality 5.4 million job openings circa April this year, incidentally the most in 15 years; what it is, is there aren’t the kind of jobs most Americans want to take or can support their previous lifestyle. These are the kind of jobs usually taken by the illegal immigrants he was bashing up one side and down the other a few sentences before. Dido in discussing the unemployment rate advising the audience emphatically not to believe the 5.6 % unemployment rate claiming the actual number was between 18-21%. However, digging deeper found he was trying to quote a figure called the U6 adding to the tally, not simply those looking for work the last 4 weeks, individuals comprising the official unemployment percentage, but the long term unemployed, the under employed working part time when they want full time, discouraged workers having dropped out of the labor market thinking there are no jobs for them and the marginally workforce attached who say they want work, would work if offered a job, which stands at 10.8%. They did find Trump’s number though, from a fringe calculator also including in his numbers those he felt should be in the workforce but were instead applying to ‘useless programs,’ for profit colleges; numbers still almost a year out of date,  Fact Check speaking to the man himself, numbers revised down  to a solid 15%. Also most are well aware of the “manipulation,” limited scope leading to the unemployment number contrasted with the U6 even if they don’t know what the latter is technically called; an unemployment number he still got wrong by .01 percent standing at 5.5 vs. the quoted 5.6 when he gave his speech. Shy of quibbling over numbers, especially small decimal points indicating tiny differences, think about it in the following scenario; said .01 percent is X people with a job who didn’t have one before, X people coming back to the workforce and being successful where they perhaps weren’t before , oh. Zero words uttered about the 300 million jobs job gap here, any admonishment to his fellow business men and women to engage in job training, revitalize the internship/apprenticeship, stop being incompetent yourselves writing want ads, too vague, too specific, failing to clarify to your recruiters applicants need not have everything on your kitchen sink list of desired skills, expecting perfect employees to come to you gift wrapped. But sure Mr. Trump has a good grasp on the economics, the understanding required to propel us to achieving greatness again, uh-huh.

Your domestic policy has to make some kind of sense, has to possess a discernable rhyme or reason; you are not CEO of a country the same way you are CEO of a company. Yes, there are some key similarities, but key differences too; it can’t be boiled down to the boss’ way or the highway. One would think that very plain to a man vowing to rescind Obama’s immigration executive order going a step beyond, audaciously calling something with historical precedent illegal. Yet for a person seen through the lens applying for the job President of the United States, ‘The Donald’ has a remarkably fuzzy understanding of the constitution and government. Namely, you can’t just say your fired to people you don’t like, people you think are stupid, unintelligent i.e. members of congress, only the voters can do that; and as long as there are sections of voters voting their religion, voting their moral ideology over substantive issues, you will have to contend with persons like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, the only recently exited, Michelle Bachmann as senate, house members. You can’t be “the greatest jobs president god ever created,” arrogant much, when the legislative branch won’t release the funds, votes down your jobs bills and uses their religious driven ‘moral compass’ to organize expensive, redundant hearings on Benghazi, apoplectic in unnecessary, expensive hearings regarding Louis Learner’s crashed hard drives and subsequent missing e-mails, using taxpayer dollars looking for conspiracies where they don’t exist feeding the frenzy turning Hilary Clinton’s e-mails, private server into the political equivalent of ‘dress-gate.’ Again sounding quite repetitive, it explains many of Obama’s consistent problems moving legislation, improving the country; of course Donald Trump agrees with the republican conspiracists telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “what Hillary’s got with the e-mail’s is to me, scandalous… its totally illegal,” probably housing the same view on Benghazi feeling the funds spent justified. Trump is a fellow republican, a fellow Obama hater thereby already someone they can like, meaning his legislation suggestions and his “legendary” deal making skills would automatically fare better than another democratic or independent candidate who made it to the Whitehouse; facts not proving he is a better applicant for the occupation. We all know the negotiation that goes on in Washington D.C. creating so called Christmas tree bills weighed down with unrelated dross only included so the bill will pass with the cooperation of the congress members required to vote, vote yes on it.  Realities turning off Occupy Wall Street type persons, former participants, ordinary Americans who watched him closely up and until he announced along with his candidacy his net worth being 9 billion dollars, angry the media instead said it was 9 billion in assets i.e. real-estate, cars, antiques and similar non-liquidable holdings, elaborating to his audience he wasn’t bragging trying to play it off, as much as ‘The Donald’ plays off anything, as a regular statement of fact. Fact in dispute according to Washington Post number crunchers calling his balance sheet over inflated and not tethered to financial reality, summing it up with their own sound bite letting readers know had he shown it to a personal finance instructor, that instructor would be forced to say, you’re fired.   Pushing the insult a little further saying he’s not using people’s money, not the lobbyists, he doesn’t need anybody’s money, it’s nice; hold it, people would hope an individual ballsy enough to try copyrighting the phrase ‘you’re fired’ to sell on t-shirts hats exc. affix to a building, create signage of some sort composed of the slogan didn’t need other people’s money: translation round one in the republican candidate free-for-all goes to alienating voters for $500 Alex. Still, taking into account his arguably perceived gargantuan, grotesque wealth, he won’t be able to bank roll items such as rebuilding our infrastructure, constructing bridges that dwarf the George Washington, care for this nation’s retuning injured veterans to the level they deserve on his money alone, solidifying his need, if he should somehow win on election day, to be able to work with adjacent government agencies, governing bodies. Mentioning congress, congress, not the president is responsible for setting taxes and must approve them; potentially putting the kibosh on taxing the heck out of Ford for moving transmission plants to Mexico, at least 2 international trade agreements signed by the U.S. NAFTA allowing cars with 60% made in America materials tax free transport to all 3 participating countries. Next the WTO (world trade organization) of which America is a member, stipulates once a tariff, fancy designation for tax on international goods, has been lowered it cannot be risen unless it is an anti-dumping fine something the country in question must prove; now there are several signs leaning toward congress finally revoking NAFTA seeing it hurt America, American manufacturing not help it, decreasing the attractiveness for American businesses hoping to move to Mexico, identical sentiment expressed about the WTO, when it comes to making it harder for American companies to shift their operations overseas. Actions all not as straight forward as picking up the phone and threatening Ford’s CEO, exactly what he implied. We aren’t talking about filming an episode of The Apprentice, where the largest outcome is who gets to work in a Trump company or how much earned proceeds does or doesn’t get donated to charity based on participants performance at project X; this is the welfare of an entire country, lives in the millions effected by what you do, a country he himself is always reiterating is in deep trouble. Wanting to be run by a man who has filed for bankruptcy on multiple occasions, a huge red flag in choosing a commander in chief; if for no other reason than it is much harder to declare bankruptcy as a country than as a person. And having our credit rating previously downgraded, now is certainly not the time to be risky with our entire nations finances, be you Donald Trump running for president or a sitting member of congress willing to play chicken with certain key funding operations in order to stick it to president Obama.  Wanting to be run by a man who backed out of a golf course deal because energy generating wind turbines were too distracting from its beauty, in blunter terms, too tacky; proving him a Sara Palin with slightly more polish flying under the radar because he’s an eloquent enough speaker to pull off sounding good and talking fast while making no practical, feasible sense.

You cannot have the foreign policies of Vladimir Putin essentially amounting to take whatever the hell you want provided you have the force to do so; primarily because such bluster and bluff, whether ever used or not, will cause them to point, shoot whatever nuclear and/or other arsenals they have at us and it’s game over; game over for the planet concerning nuclear weaponry. You cannot piss off equal sovereign nations you then must turn around and trade with for goods and things you need, who bolster your economy by selling mass quantities of goods here; yet the above paragraph screams exactly that along with past and present comments on handling the U.S.’s worrisome neighbors and equally developed competitors. To Refresh the public’s memory here’s the guy who praised China for pilfering Afghani minerals on the opposite side of a mountain separating them and the war ravaged country, coming back shortly after his presidential announcement reluctantly unveiling a window into his strategy geared toward defeating ISIS  saying “they did what I said we should do, they took the oil,” presumably to finance their terrorist, operations activities; solution a-la Trump, old hat material, bomb Iraqi oil fields to oblivion and “you kill it at the head, it’s over ”  Over in what sense we’re skeptical easily noting the Trump talent for oversimplification, when you add up their social media presence, their You Tube videos, channels radicalizing youth across America, Canada and Europe who travel their to join ISIS’s cause, donate increasing amounts of cash to the terrorist organization, cataloging the tanks, guns and equipment seized by ISIS when outnumbered Iraqi troops fled fighting in key battle ground areas. Instead claiming ISIS is getting rich pointing to their just having built a hotel in Syria, the sentence before claiming to be in competition with said hotel; more fantasy conjured from a mere drop of fact, i.e. unconfirmed reports ISIS was running a hotel/ mosque out of one of the few buildings left standing, not hit by them or U.S., pro-freedom, pro-democratic fighters, they’d managed to scare all the people away from in Iraq, not Syria, which is a pile of rubble where a country used to be. Bombing Iraqi oil fields leaves nothing left for the Iraqis to build an economy around, rebuild a country with; another translation, you’ve just made Iraq more of a hotbed for terrorists than it already was because, and we have seen this before, just like Somalia they are left no other option and have every reason to despise Americans dovetailing into more 9-11 like attacks on U.S., fellow Westernized nation’s soil. Do you still want Donald Trump’s foreign policy?  He says he’s going to stop Iran from nuclear bomb capability, following logical question, leveraging them with what; doubtlessly something worth telling their neighbors, allies, who do possess nuclear weapons, to start pointing them at us, reducing our country to a toxic waste dump for the next half a million years, yay Trump foreign policy. A unique brand of supposed to be problem solving when seditious republicans signed a letter to Iran urging that county’s leaders not to take anything said by president Obama seriously insinuating he was easily replaced by our constitutional system, against negotiations from the very start; perhaps dear old Donald wasn’t thinking along the lines of diplomacy, threats, maybe he intends to put boots and troops on the ground there, after all, the only thing we got is he would stop Iran’s nuclear ability and sans using John Kerry. There’s a strategy that will go over like a lead balloon here or there, failing to address the problems surrounding Iran gaining nuclear weapon capability; never mind the huge numbers of civilian casualties, overall property damage, building destruction you leave in your wake if you are remotely successful, fostering litter more than increased America hate.  And no Trump press junket, please say my name event, no matter what it was originally convened for, would be complete without ‘The Donald’ bashing our returning home the lone POW from Afghanistan Bowe Bergdahl declaring, hardly for the first time, we got a traitor, they, middle eastern terror groups, got 5 guys they always wanted who have gone untracked right back to the fighting to kill us. Except, those 5 people were nobodies on the day Gitmo opened, remained nobodies until the day they were released to a neutral middle eastern country, they do exist much to the astonishment of candidate Trump and too large a portion of the American public, their status being POW not terrorist like other detainees held in the controversial prison. True the imposed travel ban, parameters in the deal exchanging Bergdahl and the dubious 5, was set only for 1 year; however, Qatar, the country taking responsibility for them, agreed to extend it, presumably on state department urging and they haven’t moved from that country. Meanwhile, new since our businessman turned presidential hopeful last bought this up and completely omitted from his endless talking points on various subjects, Bowe Bergdahl was given medical attention, debriefed and later formally charged with desertion under military law, trial date set for July 8. Equally important but often missed, were supped to what leave him there without ever knowing conclusively whether he was a traitor or not, we were supposed to automatically leave him there on the mere suspicion as some sort of example, worst case scenario, to continue singing like the proverbial canary to his captures rather than bring him back here, try him in the appropriate court as a more public lasting example; anyone else glad Trump isn’t president yet?

Relatedly, even if building a wall on the U.S. southern border made sense, even if getting Mexico to pay for it weren’t a strong arm tactic and probably illegal to boot, it doesn’t solve the larger problems; here Trump’s racist, inflammatory, stereotyped remarks caricaturizing maybe not their best and brightest, yet certainly their most desperate humbling seeking a better, stable life for them and their own, brave and resourceful enough to make it here, learn the language, get a job, live a quiet under the radar life. And ironically, when we did have an immigration crisis, summer last year, it was droves of unaccompanied minors traversing the treacherous path onto American soil from Central American countries Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras fleeing exactly what Trump accuses illegals here of engaging in drugs, crime and violence; most of whom, though they were defenseless children, mothers and children totally alone were sent back to their native country per public pressure to do just that. The former facts he waited both a day and to be directly asked before acknowledging; truth is he has no idea the percentages of criminal element coming across the border vs. ordinary people who only want a job, only want the chance to raise a family in peace. Continuing, to be clear, under Trump as commander in chief, our county’s CEO, sure to be a newly coined term should he reach office, we’re going to build a wall, send the bill to Mexico for a problem that doesn’t involve them, has nothing to do with them apart from the geography of they stand between these adjacent countries and the U.S. border; this is the nice Donald, the compassionate Donald he tries to convince people he is? So much for killing us at the border; he honestly thinks a wall, even an expertly built one is going to stop people who have risked hunger and death to get here, dealt with coyotes both the animals and the smugglers, people who have done everything from build tunnels underground crossing the border to sewing themselves into a vehicle to get here, really?  Analysts absolutely on target asking, while simultaneously laughing at the notion, the diction, the scene he’s speaking to, where down in an unknown, unnamed capitol in Mexico is there a headquarters organized sending off groups of people the poor, the needy, the drug dealers, the killers, rapists. Better question, when exactly did Mexico get so organized, and if they are so organized, why are ordinary people fleeing their country?  Leaving people to ponder is he really running or is he just doing this to further his brand, keep people saying his name, sell product, see one debate stage and go back to being Mr. businessman; because, as of the day of his announcement he had not filed the official paperwork with the FEC, whereas Jeb Bush, who announced the day before, has. Returning to immigration, building a wall does nothing to give America a comprehensive, common sense, fair immigration policy so people who want to apply for temporary, migrant work permits, work/student visas or citizenship can go through the process correctly and expediently; building a wall doesn’t address the conundrum of illegals already here and thriving, holding jobs, buying goods, comprising large numbers of their community, other than the heartless throw them out leaving gaping holes in the previously listed places, bad for us. Then where would Trump, his fellow businessmen find all their cheap labor they pay significantly less to knowing they are illegal and can’t, won’t complain; where would U.S. farmers find knowledgeable, competent workers to pick fruits and vegetables otherwise left to rot on the vine, hmmm? Undeniable his comments coupled with his promise to revoke the dream act giving work status to young people arguably our best and brightest, true Americans whom the stars and stripes are the only flag they remember sans papers, earning their American citizenship by attending school, working, completing a college education, speaking so callously against illegals, many their parents, calling them all kinds of names has lost him the Latino, Hispanic vote. Legal aliens here by proper documentation afraid to work, afraid to leave their homes, traveling in their cars housing documents on who gets their children should they be stopped by police in immigrant hostile states, fleeing said states for peace of mind. A Hispanic population/vote set to increase, though not through immigration legal or otherwise, rather through birth of new bona fide U.S. citizens, and no, not women nefariously trying to reach U.S. soil to have a U.S. born child manufacturing a way to stay in the country, rather as those of such heritage living lives here who create families, have children; a Latino, Hispanic vote without which you cannot get elected. Stances cementing him this election cycle’s Herman Cane on two fronts, he’s botching middle eastern politics the same way Cane botched his answer on Gitmo; his suggestion of a wall permitting him to continue for the moment because it lacks the horror factor of an electric fence and sign warning illegal crossers it could kill them, the shock value of something so arcane to be used on fellow human beings who are from a different country, who are not terrorists, who have yet to be proven a majority criminal element who cannot wait for  the slow wheels of immigration policy to turn, all proving he like Cane is not ready to be president.

As if he was ever deemed fit in the first place recognizing Donald Trump is a birther repeatedly attacking the president on his birth certificate, convinced he was born in Kenya, raised a Muslim, educated in Islamic madrasas before cleverly insinuating himself into American life in time to go to college, infiltrate our countries highest office, well past our president showing his long form documents. Rhetoric still lingering as early as the beginning of this year, still pounding the drum wanting to see his college records; telling reporters at C-Pac he wasn’t interested in his marks, independent taking every opportunity to find new ways of calling him either stupid or incompetent, rather interested in what he indicated was his country of origin, nationality, ethnicity he aligned himself with when applying. Chris Mathews profoundly correct to be applaud by ‘The Donald’s’ behavior then offering himself up as a “legitimate” candidate to be his successor, more aptly replacement; particularly as Mathews highlighted president Obama’s campaign speech in northern Philadelphia saying he’s going to bring the country together, getting the most applause from those lines given to a tough African American community housing people who just want to be considered fellow Americans “not separate but equal, but fellow Americans,”  LeBron James as much an all American type as Tom Brady.” Especially true when he commented to George Stephanopoulos he sees the hatred everybody has for each other referencing Baltimore, Cleveland, in his next breath saying we have an African American president and we’ve never had it so bad; either implying having an African American president was supposed to be a panacea to a host of our many problems or him being an African American is what makes it so bad. You really can’t tell; what you can tell is the extreme poor taste and poor thought put into such comments, bringing up such places when you won’t back down in the face of any evidence to the contrary, from a raw, offensive indictment against the African American community’s best guy, the best foot they have to put forward and he’s somehow not good enough, less based on merits, less based on policy instead because he’s not American enough, at least not for Donald Trump. Comments he dances around right before the Charleston SC shooting at a prominent black church by 21 year old, troubled Dylan Roof killing 9 people. Now we can couch Roof’s actions into racism, white supremacy, terrorism, mental illness and many things besides; what can no longer be ignored is the constant, in your face barrage of Obama hating fuels incidents like it, utterly shameless Mr. Trump. Obama hating incomplete without attempts to shred the ACA (affordable care act) better known as Obama care, despite the 10 million Americans participating in healthcare exchanges, several Obama care saved my life stories from people allowed to keep their insurance through life threatening illness, getting insurance allowed them to be treated for a life threatening disease; republican darling Donald is still hung up on the 5 billion for the ACA website, that according to  fact checkers at the Washington Post, it was actually 700 million. Clearly too much but that wasn’t his only goof on healthcare quoting premium percentages increasing by as much as 29 to 55%; yes those increases were proposed by various insurance companies including the one over 50%, but those are not currently approved and, in all likelihood, won’t be. More Trump will say anything to keep you saying his name, remembering his face, willing to buy his junk; speculation already afoot his past behavior may well have cost him the Whitehouse before he even gets his campaign off the ground. Buzz 60 doing an all you need to know about Donald Trump segment centering on his tweets found on twitter, things almost putting Mel Gibson and Michael Richards to shame. The “4 ridiculous tweets” included his theory on global warming, apparently created by the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive, calling Katy Perry drunk because she married Russell Brand, announcing on social media the U.S. could not allow Ebola infected persons back into the country, praising the doctors but leaving them SOL once infected; never mind all infected medical personnel were successfully treated, currently alive and well. Ending with a disgusting jab at rival Hilary typed somewhere in the recent past asking, if she couldn’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America (puke); proving him a carnival barker totally unworthy of the presidency on the incompetence he routinely wants to lay at president Obama’s feet. Finally the American dream is not dead it has simply evolved, adapted with the changing times, technology and priorities; imagine that.