Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Honestly who didn’t see this coming; after all most thought the CPS (child protective services) investigation of Danielle and Alexander Meitiv was erroneous to begin with, not to mention their finding of unsubstantiated neglect. Also most supported their decision to continue raising their kids “free range,” better known as how most of us were raised, continue allowing them the simple freedom of going to and from the park alone, attributing CPS involvement to everything from the growing nanny state, media, activists housing an agenda themselves, stirring up vast amounts of public fear and paranoia about child abduction, child predators, child sex abuse, child killings despite crime being down across all demographics, calling it the increased wussification of America thanks to coddling provided by needless helicopter parenting, exactly what the Meitivs are trying to avoid. Viewed positives to come from this, according to people harkening back to the 50’s, 60’s 70’s, 80’s or even early 90’s, absolutely run the gambit from a child who leaves home at 18 instead of lingering into adulthood finally cutting the apron strings at around 30, is independent, can hold a job without constant accolades from their boss, knows the value of a dollar, knows how to get around, has acquired the life skills needed to function, or so they say. Those same people blaming progressive, liberal politicians for everything from childhood obesity to whinny self-serving, empty headed millennials destined for welfare or selling themselves in the street to get by. We could easily predict yet another run in between CPS and the Meitiv family especially with their vows to fight back, mom openly defiant to press cameras saying they had no intention of changing their parenting, would continue to allow the children out alone; that was until Sunday 2 weeks ago when the children were picked up again by police found walking alone, unattended reportedly taken to the police station and held for hours. Danielle Meitiv maybe finally getting the message her actions are not ok telling news cameras she had to sign a safety plan she would not leave her kids unattended until such a time as CPS could follow up for the children to be once more released into her and her husband’s custody, but wasn’t willing to risk having her children “snatched by CPS like this again.” Story followers, interested members of the public immediately latching onto how long the kids were kept in police custody, facts seeming to point to the police lying, originally saying they would take the children home instead bringing them to the police station and/or CPS; sparking online, public comment voicing everything from allegations of, of all things, false imprisonment, to suggestions they hire a lawyer, many lawyers to sue the city, the police department blind for doing this to them, citing the kids will now be wary of cops rather than going to them for help if they are ever lost, needing assistance. Further asserting it’s none of the government’s business how people raise their children and more ills apart from the bygone decades attributed list above. America again divided about its most precious portion of the future, its children, what is truly best for them, how to balance freedom, growth, independence, gaining skills and safety for our undoubtedly changed times, our increasingly dangerous world, truths encompassed in a non-romanticized understanding of both the past and the present, preparing kids for what they face along with protecting them until they can, must face certain situations on their own. A majority believing we have let helicopter hovering, excessive mothering, our own insecurities and dooms day scenarios about what could happen rob our kids and ourselves of both peace of mind as well as needed steps, parts of growing up leading to the purported abysmal state we are in now, grown adults struggling, possessing no coping skills, needing therapy, medication and interventions to survive, a sarcastic yay to 21st century “government” parenting.

But not everyone is one the Meitiv’s side in their fight against the state to raise their children as they see fit, beyond Maryland and it’s perceived busy body, nosy neighbors, community members, CPS workers with a grudge, a vendetta against them constantly calling police over these particular children who, to their minds are not neglected, harmed in any way; there are an equal number of opinions lashing out at the parents believing them irresponsible, reckless taking into account the undeniably dangerous world we live in, the knowledge parents now possess about the prevalence of sexual predators, perverts, mentally unstable, psychotic serial killers, child abductors, rapists exc. Considering the latest incident, more are starting to  come to the conclusion these parents are using their children to make a point at the expense of their safety, following a pretty reasonable law in that state saying no child under 8 is to be left in the care, supervision of a person, teen, child under 13. CBS This Morning’s legal analyst pointing out the strong likelihood they could now lose their children because they were essentially on probation, supposed to last 5 years, stemming from their last encounter with CPS and the unsubstantiated neglect finding; her analogy, how would a judge react if it were criminal court, you were found guilty, accepted a plea, given the years probation, then within 60 days were back before at judge for the same crime? Openly calling what it is, thumbing your nose at the law while under such scrutiny; part of the problem people have, who don’t necessarily disagree with their style of parenting but emphatically disagree with their handling of the situation, reminding readers, viewers that instead of combatting CPS through legal channels, activism to change a law they believe too unfair, restrictive and detrimental to happy, healthy, well-rounded, capable children, their attitude has taught said children the laws don’t apply to them, if I don’t agree with them. Yet CBS’ analyst, within the same segment, gave fuel to the pro- Meitiv thinkers citing Maryland law was very specific saying there are 2 cases in which children are not to be left unattended, are to be accompanied by someone at minimum 13 years of age, at home or inside a car, nothing mentioned about outside; meaning what they are doing is not technically illegal. Still, there is an argument to be made that A- they violated the spirit of the law the first time and certainly the second after being warned, investigated by CPS; B- since CPS, who was alerted to the unaccompanied nature of the Meitiv children by a 911 call and therefore by law had to follow up, ensure the safety, well-being of the children, the simplest solution would be to follow the CPS citied statute. And finally C, the law is probably structured similar to school policies on violence, weapons, parameters by which a student may be subject to extended suspension, expulsion containing phrases like including but not limited to; it’s a mirroring opposite to slippery slope arguments made by gay rights activists regarding religious restoration acts, decriers of religious exemptions to the healthcare law, if we allow them to do this what’s next, rather attempting to enfold all scenarios where children need care and supervision. Translation, if it is deemed unsafe for children to be unattended, mandate they be accompanied in their own home by someone no less than 13, identically if in a vehicle, it stands to reason it’s not safe for a child to wonder around outside, farther than their front yard, their home’s residential street alone either, unless, when under 8 accompanied, in the care of someone 13 or older, noting a whole host of opportunity for sheer accidents, things children aren’t, and aren’t supposed to be, prepared for setting aside potential predators. Long story short from CPS’ standpoint, the same accompaniment rule should apply there as well, especially knowing these kids aren’t being dropped off, walked to the park, that is, to be factual, a mile away, left for a few hours with plenty of other kids and parents, then picked up again by their guardians. Listening to the aforementioned 911 call, the man doesn’t sound like a busybody, an overly panicked, nervous ninny who needs to toughen up, stop watching too much news, stop jumping to conclusions; rather he sounds like a concerned person who sees 2 children alone, no parents, no idea where they live, presumably walking home from the park, maybe not in a, the residential area yet and calls 911 to see that someone makes sure they are alright. Addressing the outrageous police behavior, the so called false imprisonment even brought up by the above legal analyst, why is it not entirely possible the officers who confronted the Meitiv children initially had every intention of taking them home, but as the children get in the car, they are driving they begin to talk about all the freedom they have at home, how often their parents allow them out alone, which leads the officer/officers to think perhaps home is not safe for them, thus changing their mind and taking them to the police station/CPS? Or once learning their names, possibly running them through a database similar to license plates ascertaining if adults have warrants out for their arrest, learning of the complaints against their parents, potentially recognizing them, their name due to the publicity surrounding them, new information changed their minds, again. Speaking to the number of hours the children were held there, were they uncooperative in giving their address, phone number, parent’s names, perhaps too scared, did they have to wait for an on-call, available CPS worker to move to the next step, remember this is Sunday evening, were there more things CPS had to do before contacting the parents due to their history with CPS, was it simply the police had many things to do, actual emergencies to take care of, and knowing the children were indeed safe at the police station/CPS proceeded with more urgent situations, immediate emergencies? Hints a plethora of comments like the following, Here is my view on it. If she is upset that cps snatched their kids…then she shouldn’t free range LIKE THAT. because imagine next time it is a pedophile? Her style of parenting may be more beneficial but I wouldn’t risk it. I remember riding my bike in my neighborhood and I don’t think I will let my child do the same except with a group of friends or an older appropriate sibling.” [Sic]

Countering the “it’s how we were raised,” all our parents would be in jail nowadays” crowd, citizens who are convinced with headline after headline involving abducted kids the media is instilling rampant amounts of fear, paranoia and needless anxiety were countless anecdotal stories recounted on the Yahoo/GMA comment boards, where this story was released, across multiple decades describing what it was truthfully like back then, the unfortunate near misses had by several people, their take on the negatives it left them with as opposed to the positives, firsthand accounts of national attention grabbing tragedies and how it changed their community. Example, “Growing up in the 50-60-70’s sounded like fun. I grew up in a world where Adam Walsh disappeared from his mom in a mall and never came home. The world changed after this… and I will admit not for the better. I remember being fingerprinted in 1st grade so the could identify my body “just incase” (and I was in 3rd grade before I knew what that meant.) In junior high we had a dentist add teeth records into the file. By High School, We had to leave a sample of our hair in bag for DNA records. Sounds like I grew up in a bad neighborhood, right? WRONG! I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island. The biggest crime in my town was when someone stole the milk money from our high school piggy bank. Shook the town to the core too! Turn out the put the piggy bank in the wrong spot.”[Sic]  But it wasn’t fun for everyone, not even a majority, like this woman who seems to have had smart, diligent parents most of the time and what happened the few times ‘they didn’t let fear rule them,’ “Uh, yeah.. my parents let me play unsupervised ONLY a few times and were reluctant to allow me. Sure enough, we played hide and seek and one of the boys scooped me up and took me into the garage and laid me on top of him and told me not to move or we would be seen. Nothing happened that I can recal… That could have gone bad. He was 17…I was 7. Another time I was walking home from the mall when I was 15… I was flashed by a guy in his rain coat…. another time man walked onto the school property and raped one of the girls in the hallway….[Sic] Her story is typical of experiences shared including going to parks alone only to have a perv expose themselves, run home, perv never found, had the parent(s) been there they might have been able to give better descriptions to police, an early developed girl enduring cat calls from college kids walking home from school by herself, a man chronicling the neighbor everyone wanted to be around, whose house they wanted to go to owing to his having the coolest, latest video games circa the 1980’s; by the 1990’s he was arrested, sentenced to 25 years for molesting numerous boys, including his own son. Ultimately culminating in stories like these”…I live near Fort Worth, TX and a few years ago a young girl (she was six) was found dead under a tarp several blocks from where I lived. She was as free range as you get, always playing with the neighborhood kids, often alone by herself for hours on end. She was raped and killed by a neighbor just a few houses from her, a 17 year old who is now facing a 50 year sentence for her murder. It may be that these kids are perfectly fine on their own. But for the parents of the little girl who was murdered, they would surely have changed their parenting style if it could have saved the life of their little girl. The sad thing is that in 1999 a little girl disappeared and her body was found later in the same town. I’m all for kids being kids, but I wouldn’t let my kids out by themselves in this day and age…It is truly a different world than what it once was.” [Sic] For those constantly drudging up working parents, roaming neighborhoods and turning out just fine here is what else can happen independent a lack of perverts, killings, abduction and sexual abuse, “Yes, as a child in the 70’s, I had little to no supervision too. It did not make me a better person. In fact, I came to resent my parents for not giving a rat’s behind if I had been kidnapped, which almost happened once. I was walking home from school alone of course at 7, my mother was usually sleeping, when a car pulled up to the curb next to me. The driver was asking me directions while someone in the backseat was talking quietly to confuse me. I leaned forward, realized the danger, and then ran away. Do you believe in spirit guides? They were better parents to me than the God given ones. When I was three years old, I stole one of those old riding “Inch Worms” that kids used to have. Grand theft inchworm at three, because no one was watching me. I needed wheels to get around hehe. I was stung by several bees once, fell off a very high wall another time and needed stitches, got lost, you name it. Kids explore all right, but doing it alone could mean their death.  My younger sister was almost constantly in my care, and as a result, we don’t get along now because I saw her as a kid who deliberately made my life more difficult and refused to help, knowing it was all on me and she resents me as the bad, 8 year old “parent” who mostly raised her…. (She goes on like that for a while describing being locked out of her house forced to depend on the pity of neighbors to eat, steal things people wouldn’t miss not to starve, sleeping on the porch under a tart with a younger sibling to boot)… My middle sister became an addict, I believe as a result of my bad parenting. It wasn’t our fault, but I carry the guilt that should belong to our idiot parents. My youngest sister doesn’t speak to any of us, big shock. Way to go mom. As to this couple here, I would like to say, raise your own kids or give them up for adoption. There is no “free range” child, that term is for chickens, not children. If you can’t be bothered to watch them or do stuff with them, let someone who can’t have kids have the opportunity to do what burdens you. There is so much responsibility in being a parent! If you don’t want to do it, then simply don’t have kids.” [Sic] A mere fraction of the comments, life experiences painting a very different picture than the utopia people believe we used to live in, are sure they witnessed growing up; a utopia that never actually existed and they are profoundly lucky  they survived as whole and intact as they did.

Nor is it an excess of fear, paranoia, helicopter parenting, hovering to use current knowledge and information about potential threats to children in adjusting how you parent and care for them, determining the amount of supervision needed, reassessing through a critical eye what we did in yesteryear; “I’m laughing at the “we did it when I was a kid so it must be okay now” mentality of the majority of the people posting comments here. Come on, people. Just because “we used to do it” doesn’t mean it’s safe…then or now! Example……We used to routinely ignore seat belts in cars. We used to think it was totally safe not to wear a bicycle helmet. We used to think that inhaling second-hand smoke was perfectly fine. We used to not realize how important sunscreen is. The list goes on and on. People used to think heroin cough syrup, bloodletting, tapeworms, and lobotomy were healthy!”  Echoing both thoughts on day to day parenting in the bygone era and perceptions on spanking, just because it was done, it was acceptable doesn’t mean it should have been done, doesn’t mean was safe, doesn’t make it the best, most efficient, effective, loving, desired outcome way to parent as underscored by the preceding comment.  My own mother, her siblings are a product of the mild neglect children were often treated with in the late 40’s, 50’s 60’s into the 70’s, regaling me with stories about nearly falling off heights into a creek, because she fell asleep on a well top, concrete slab, pulling tea from the stove off onto herself around age 5, her older brother once getting a fishing lure caught just above his eye, her older sisters scalp cut open by a falling class window pane as her oldest brother tried to clean it. Facts change with advancements in science, medicine; social trends change for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is headline news stories detailing things that really did happen to children, adolescents, teens, college kids, even unlucky adults can, and do, find themselves kidnapped. Keeping in mind we aren’t talking about latch key kids living in a poor neighborhood, offspring to parents working long hours to make ends meet usually given rules, expectations, household chores, responsibilities to prevent them running the streets. We aren’t talking kids selected for magnet programs, who are gifted and more often than not mature for their age, their only choice was to walk or bike to, chiefly because their parents worked; they were picked up on a Sunday afternoon, evening walking home from a park their parents clearly could have taken them to, made a family outing, a family day out of it and only didn’t because they thought they didn’t have to, thought the children were fine on their own. Returning to the 911 call, what if the guy with the dog had been someone sinister, someone who saw the kids, followed them, not while on the phone with 911, but when presented with an opportunity decided to snatch one or both to everything from molest to sell on the back market? Multiple commenters brought up, if the police could “lie” and say they were taking them home only to take them somewhere else, how easily could a predator; worth examining too, how easily could a predator impersonate police achieving the same result? People quickly highlighted as well the publicity alerting every potential pedophile these kids are out alone; worse, when her children went “missing” Danielle Meitiv took to Facebook later describing how police coerced her children, clearly demonstrating she possesses no sense of safety regarding them in any form physically, electronically, having any sense about age appropriate things they can, should be doing alone., those that still need a parent’s watchful eye.  Surprising to me, the number of older people defending “helicopter” parenting in this instance, not failing to relay stories showing why, how many people came to their conclusions on parenting in the modern age from almost; “I was born in 1953. There were predators back then just not as many as there are today. Free range? That can lead to a lot of bad things in todays world. In 1982 a woman attempted to kidnap my 3 year old son at a concert in an enclosed park in Camarillo Ca. Fortunately we knew the band members and they shut down the 1 exit from the park. I’m just wondering how far these parents want to go with this. Let’s hope nothing bad happens to either of these children.” [Sic] Another parent learned a lesson before it became the hardest one of their lives talking about a simple run home from the grocery store; “A couple of years ago, my youngest son was to stay in an afterschool program for tutoring. He decided that he didn’t feel like it and got on the bus and came home, he was 8. I was grocery shopping and because I had gotten frozen foods, I was going to stop home. As I approached my block, there was a van with a man sitting in it looking down our street. I even thought to myself as I looked at him “wow, way to look like a stereotype” . I almost threw up when I turned the corner and saw my son standing down the block, swinging his backpack. the guy in the van sped off.  No one wants to live like a prisoner but why set up an opportunity? Do these people want to experience the nightmare of losing a child to some sick f— ? [Sic] One of the reasons my best friend keeps such a close eye on her children in the present is because someone tried to kidnap the infant she babysat; that was the 90’s. By the early 2000’s she had her own encounter with a car and a man leering at one of the 2 girls she was babysitting as they walked somewhere; she came across the same thing while in the pharmacy with her oldest son, a creepy man starring, setting off her parent alarm and causing her to quickly grab her stuff vacating the store. I myself was floored when in my sophomore year at high school, late 90’s, taking a teen issues practical arts course the teacher asked how many had been victims of sexual abuse and nearly every hand in the room went up, hearing the devastating effects these young people willingly shared. Further, despite statistics free range parents want to quote, child abductions, child abuse not done by a relative isn’t going away, appears to be increasing; they are becoming almost as prevalent as police brutality cases splattered all over the news with much less the attention.  Just last week Good Morning America chronicled the woman (video above), her panicked 911 call when the car her son had fallen asleep in was stolen. Car was in her driveway, dad had just loaded him in the car for school, stepped away to do, grab something, next moment the car is gone. Luckily the thief only wanted the car; upon spotting the boy he said, I didn’t know you were in here and fled, boy safely returned to his mother.

To be done away with once and for all, the idea you create better people by treating them with mild, often not so mild, dangerous neglect from birth; you are building character, fortitude, self-reliance, grit leaving them to their own devices, forcing especially children to figure huge things out on their own instead of teaching them, tactics the pre baby boomer generation to current adults criticizing teen, 20 something’s skill sets are notorious for, then wondering why “kids today can’t do anything.”  It’s similar to both my thoughts on the original Meitiv story where I explained why Maryland CPS not only probably did the right thing, but took  the least drastic action seen in such cases still sending a message the parents needed to change, there was a law to be obeyed. ( And my article 2 weeks ago proving millennials aren’t useless, incapable or unskilled at all; rather it was the testing methods and antiquated ideas, employment restructuring creating that perception. ( Here there are so many other choices besides the extremes gone to, far out conclusions extrapolated from the way we do things now as opposed to in 1950, that by the by, was 65 years ago making people born in said year currently eligible for social security, providing a little perspective. Over the top attitudes exemplified in the following: “It’s no wonder the majority of kids today are overweight because they can(‘t) go outside and play if Mon is busy cooking dinner or cleaning the house… Kids just sit around watching TV and playing video games because it is illegal to go outside unattended…. This is Total BS, the pendulum has swung to far to the left and we need to get Government and nosy people out of our business. I don’t have a problem with people in our community looking out for one another but this is gone way to far….” [Sic] Except, unless you live in a neighborhood with concrete sidewalks, no grass and regular drive by shootings, kids can play outside in their own yards, depending on age, on their residential street, completely different than walking a mile away to a park. Do the Meitiv’s have a yard; maybe they should have considered moving someplace they would have one when discovering they were pregnant. Next, is this the only, closest park to them or is it simply a favorite?  Ignored is we created such “nosy, busybody” people through awareness campaigns to stop child abuse, domestic violence, rape, child abduction; forgotten, we’ve had a child abuse hotline, a rape crisis hotline longer than an anonymous school threat hotline and if you see something say something has never just applied to school shootings, possible terror attacks, saving who knows how many lives. A boss once chronicled the abuse of her employee, aiding her in getting out, able to provide information in court to put the man away, all efforts put toward the ultimate goal of ending various cycles of abuse, improving larger society as the abused don’t become abusers, harmed children don’t age into adults taking it out on innocent citizens. The man walking his dog, willing to call 911, probably a millennial or close in age, was indeed practicing the empathy older adults are convinced they don’t have; think Whoopi Goldberg, the local sheriff railing about its lack when discussing the highly publicized, disgusting Florida spring break gang rape caught on video, people standing next to this horrible scene “more worried about spilling their beer…,” “back in the day we never would have just stood around watching something like this,” but we want people to close their eyes and ears, mind their own business, except when we don’t. A concept bigger than make up your mind; both comments assume people knew what they were seeing was forced and therefore wrong, the girl was unconscious throughout therefore unable to give consent, saw her being drugged and did nothing, as opposed to seeing a group of college aged persons, on spring break, dimes to doughnuts intoxicated, engaging in public sex. Behavior that was not invented by millennials, college kids over the last 35 years, instead having its origins, if they are to be found at all, in the flower power, hippie, free love, Woodstock movement of the 1960’s-oh.


Actually understanding millennial, teen “deficiencies” today, much of the complaints are cyclical, generational whining continuations of blasting their tastes in clothes, music, attitudes and the extent of teenage rebellion; we’ve heard them over and over for decades. Again I cite my mother who used to repeatedly tell me the following stories, when she worked at a local bakery there was one couple, business or group who would only deal with her, because she was the only one who could get their order right, implication, everyone else was too air headed to count X number of this doughnut, X number of this pastry and put it in a box; that was the early 70’s. By the mid 90’s she was kvetching about the workers in her factory job talking about their shoddy, sloppy work, having to correct their mistakes and if they were in Japan they wouldn’t do that because people there would hand it back to them and tell them to fix their mess. Instances where none of those described are millennials but the “problems” sound awfully familiar. Millennial detractors fail to realize they have had a hand in convincing the younger generation of their ineptitude that really isn’t there, fixated on their singular one way or the wrong way, way to do things; take the discussion on a popular nightly radio show asking listeners to call in with things they wish school had taught more of or at all, the DJ’s listed tax filing, since this was just before April 15th, home economics, balancing a checkbook, the guy admitting “he gave up on that,” another saying what went on in a bank having no idea what went on there. Sure on the surface it sounds like these people would flunk a class labeled life skills, until you realize they hold a job, obviously have a place to live, some have wives or girlfriends and simply managed common tasks differently. The reason one guy has no idea what goes on in a bank and another is confused by balancing a checkbook is because these are people used to doing their banking online or via mobile phone app, where they can check their account balance in real time, view transaction history probably also in real time, people used to paying with plastic, debit/credit eliminating the need to write things down, further pollute the environment wasting paper to keep track of things; who hasn’t seen the commercials for Ally bank, no branches equal great rates? People who are “insular little weirdoes” we’re hell-bent on not creating purportedly the product of social media over genuine human interaction probably suffer from social anxiety, sensory deprivation, sensory processing disorders; which there were back in the day as well except, because we didn’t understand them, the same way we didn’t understand dyslexia, developmental delay, ADHD, childhood mental illness, we teased and called them names relentlessly while the world went on, at least for us. One last time returning to my mother, she was absolutely convinced I wouldn’t eat if I didn’t learn to cook the way she did; untrue I eat as good or better than I did at home with my microwave and a Forman grill often buying $1.00 frozen entrées in the frozen food section at Wal-Mart. Breakfast bowls and other heat and eat items live in my big freezer, far from starving. Millennials are skipping the grocery store opting for food delivery services like Pated, delivering pre-proportioned ingredients for a variety of meals to be cooked in 30 minutes due to time more than anything else, the hassle for career driven, working young adults to go to the store find what you need, the quantity you need, take it home cook and eat it especially during the week. Preschool for adults may sound ludicrous to anyone approaching 40 and finding out the founder is a 30 year old millennial may cause an uncharacteristic eye roll, immediate dismissal of the concept even before people are greeted with the enormous price tag, but then why are people cross all walks of life, all age groups participating in the hopes of gaining relaxation, connection with creativity innocence and their inner child? And what have we gained from this supposed superior parenting, this mild neglect, fostering independence, antiquated adherence to authority as children bla, bla, bla still dealing with ghosts of generations past, never mind trying to resurrect them; besides individuals like Curtis Reeves shooting dead a human being in a movie theater over being hit with popcorn or Robert Bates who apparently A- saw nothing wrong with using his deep pockets to pay to play policeman, B-so senile hew confused his gun with his taser, predictably killing a human being? Maybe we should send them to adult preschool for lessons on how to behave before Fed Xing them to prison or after they get out, not that they ever should. Who are the true wusses, who represents the true wussification of America, if indeed there is such a thing, the young people or the old people; the exact opposite of what we would think if the video below on workplace bullying is any indication.  While workplace bullying can happen at any age, on any job, in any field, at any time, these people predominately have gray, graying hair, wrinkles, are at least 40 who didn’t grow up in the everyone gets a trophy, everyone wins, self-esteem, no one is going to flunk you, “mommy do it for you” world. Yet who needs lessons in sticking up for themselves, help making it in the “real world-” hum? Concluding with the Meitivs, sadly it is time to take these kids away from their parents before something devastating happens to them, because they can’t obey basic laws, follow simple directions and ensure their children’s safety on any level. Unfortunately it is time to take these children from their parents to simultaneously save the city of Silver Spring an abundant amount of tax dollars, tax dollars people are no longer willing to pay for sheer recklessness, abdication of responsibility, in policing this family, CPS case-working this family, future and probable Amber Alerts issued on the children, investigations into their kidnapping, assault or death.