Guns: Why Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Others Are Exactly Right

The problem for Trump and Bush, candidate Mike Huckabee who trotted out the tired cliché, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” isn’t that they dared swim upstream, dared go against the tide, dared disagree with the Obama administration’s stance, fixation on gun control; it was they didn’t tell us what they planned to do instead to combat these “very intelligent sickos,” not that they named the problems mental illness and our knee jerk tendency to throw more laws at things… If you want to blast a really lame-brain comment coming from a presidential candidate review Ben Carson’s statements just after it happened…Who had what many would deem an astonishing amount of nerve to say, were he held at gunpoint, he wouldn’t cooperate, he wouldn’t just stand there, he would say “everybody tackle him he may shoot me but he can’t get us all,” seeming to chastise students at Umpqua for not thinking of his suggestion, taking similar action…. and when an Umpqua survivor dared use news outlets to communicate his understandable upset at the implication he and others should have done more to prevent what happened, it was open season on the media accusing them of distorting his words, taking them out of context and hoping voters see that.