Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

As anger grows about the woman shot on a San Francisco pier while walking with her father, shot by an illegal immigrant, as instances like hers bring a spotlight to so called sanctuary cities where illegals at least believe they can go without constant fear of deportation, as oddball presidential candidate Donald Trump uses her story and others to double and triple down on his racist, inflammatory comments, radical “solutions.” It is getting harder and harder for the American public to distinguish fact for fiction, determine the real issue from Trump’s artful framing of illegal immigrants as the clear and present danger no one is willing to talk about.  But as sad as her story is, as tempting as it is to blame it on rogue cities disobeying federal law, blame it on a largely unmanned border, as tempting as it is to rally behind persons like Trump pledging to do something about it, none of these are the actual problem. At the same time the biggest issues with solving immigration Trump’s way, after you have built a wall, manned it with armed personnel one would assume to keep illegals out, after you have abolished sanctuary laws nationwide, after you have rooted out every illegal from the country, murderer, rapist, drug dealer and many stable families besides, supposedly freeing up more American jobs, in addition to the ones he plans to take back from China and Japan, you still don’t have a comprehensive immigration policy. You don’t have laws, guidelines, parameters in place that say to both the American public and American border agents, INS (immigration and naturalization service) workers, visa processers along with people from every part of the world, but particularly Mexico, Central and Latin American countries, to legally immigrate to the United States do A, B and C. Forget having the officials to run offices processing attempted legal entries into the country, we don’t have a clear policy to say nothing of widespread information campaigns on any boarder, never mind the Mexican one saying of you belong to categories X, Y, Z you cannot immigrate to the United States; those categories being the drug dealers, rapists, murderers, violent felony grade criminals. And until we have that we will continue having people trying to get over the border any way they can, no matter how good a wall you build, whether or not you electrify it like a fence warning people it can kill, hire the best sharp shooters in this country or a country known to have better ones, you will still have people tunneling under the border, sewing themselves into vehicles, hosts of other extreme measures to reach the opportunities we represent, when bureaucratic red tape and paperwork takes years these people don’t have to wait. Not for chances at exploitation, not for ease in gaining welfare and healthcare on our dime, but to get jobs, stabilize themselves to raise families, give their existing children a better upbringing, life than they have. Let’s assume, if nothing more than for the sake of argument, Trump’s eyebrow raising numbers alleging there are roughly 34 million undocumented persons in the U.S. versus the researched, as much as it can be, 11 million; someone will get through. No matter how many you shoot, how many you return, how many thousands of dollars you charge Mexico for every illegal we find they “sent” here, Trump’s newly unveiled strategy to get Mexico to stop doing that. Further there are facts Mr. Trump is not telling the American people about Kate Steinle, her case specifically and immigration as a whole.  Facts about immigrants the current rhetoric spewers don’t want to hear, Trump at the head of that line, facts about the impracticality of his immigration plan not to mention the dubious legality of said plan he wouldn’t dare expose. And as un-sensational, counter to headline making, lackluster as it is, facts matter especially when discussing, determining national policy, choosing the next leader of what’s hailed as a free world, meant to be a free country.

Firstly inconvenient though it may be for the Trump media blitz, for the immigration cases that fell into his lap allowing him to run with it, surge in the polls with his stance, rocket to number 1 according to the latest polling, regarding the Steinle incident, we got it right 5 separate times deporting or jailing, for crimes committed in our country, this repeat drug felon on U.S. soil; he was deported 5 separate other times to his native Mexico before reentering a 6th time to end up committing a more violent crime. Secondly, the man himself said he kept returning to San Francisco because he was under the impression no one would actively try to deport him; statements equally to be taken with a grain of salt because, according to his attorney, he has the Mexican equivalent to a grade 2 education and a marginal understanding of English. Regardless, there is no indication given he was sent here by his government owing to they were sick of dealing with him, he was a problem individual sent here to destabilize our nation; Trumps elaborated upon comments explaining the “droves” of illegals making it past the border from the south. It’s no longer just that they aren’t sending their best and brightest; it’s that they are purposefully and in an organized fashion sending us their problems, actually pushing their undesirables across the border. Tell us something Mr. Trump, if Mexico is so organized why would they feel the need to send their problems here, why not just deal with it themselves; then, if they are sending so many of their problems here, why is there still such high levels of crime and violence there, why are there still so many people anxious to feel their home?  Returning to Steinle, worse is what was found out about exactly where illegal immigrant Sanchez got the gun he shot her with, no lax gun laws didn’t allow him to purchase it, he wasn’t, as a criminal, looking to expand his horizons, add to his criminal record by illegally buying a gun; he literally picked it up off the ground, off a bench wrapped in a t- shirt. Whether he was shooting sea lions or the gun accidentally went off in his hand, depending on which version you’ve heard, it still doesn’t come down to an immigration debate or a gun law debate when you realize that gun was originally the property of a federal agent  reported stolen from a local rangers car. Mexico is Mexico and we can argue all day about who is behind what’s going on there, its effect on America, but despite constant back and forth over the second amendment rights of law abiding gun owners, citizens would reasonably expect trained law enforcement local, state or federal to keep track of the deadly weapon, weapons they are issued. Hard and fast, verifiable statistics prove the exact opposite; hundreds of guns possessed by police are reported lost or stolen yearly. Remember these aren’t guns seized in drug raids, criminal activities, city buy backs in an effort to get dangerous, illegal and simply found guns off the streets later stolen by criminals, smuggled out by corrupt officials before they can be destroyed; they are the department issued guns officers are to use on the job, kept at home spares, side-arms trusted to people trained to know what they are doing. Additionally neither story told by Sanchez, his prior drug convictions leaves us the impression of a hardened criminal; also missing if he is to be believed, and we have no evidence to the contrary, no reason not to believe him other than his immigration status, intent, anything pointing to he sought out Steinle, was angry at the world, was a thug looking to kill the first person he saw, the first white person, the first female he came across. Making this more a tragic accident with a gun that never should have been where it was than an immigration issue, because it could have been picked up by an American anyone child to criminal and the same thing happened. Little comfort though it is to the family, yet they aren’t running for president, they aren’t applying for the job leader of the free world, going around the country selling the American people on their policy to handle illegal immigrants, they aren’t suggesting a wall, suggesting sending the bill for that wall to the offending government, charging offending governments so much per head for found illegals, demanding all illegals be rounded up and shoved out of the country ASAP, branding all people of a race, ethnic origin killer criminals in reaction to their senseless, profound loss. Truth be told, the Steinle’s, with every reason to be somewhat crazed, are behaving more sane on the subject than a presidential candidate, pathetic.  But answering people like Trump who insist on going there, insist on making it solely about immigration, next if San Francisco under their sanctuary policy or simply as a matter of procedure required either an active warrant or a court order, why didn’t immigration personnel go about getting an acceptable document compelling the city to turn him over; present his immigration status and criminal history to a judge along with the city law leaving it to them to issue either ruling? Lastly here, what happened to Steinle, how it happened is the kind of thing conspiracy theorists eat up; from the following unsubstantiated claim on a YouTube video announcing information regarding the gun  “Something fishy going on here…Here’s the real story. The agent who supposedly had the gun stolen from his car was dating that girl and he gave the Mexican the gun and told him to shoot her because he was married and did not want his wife to find out so the Mexican shot her because the agent threatened to ship him back to Mexico. There, how’s that??” to people asking if her sad story was engineered to better Trump’s presidential candidacy.  It does seem all too convenient, all too well timed, all too suspicious, meaning there is reason to agree with the commenter saying there is something fishy here; only time will tell what it is.

Objectively viewing immigration on the whole, crime in so called sanctuary cities is no more or no less than anywhere else, those areas not using the policy; crime in classified cities parallel in population and composition housing only slightly lower crime rates than sanctuary areas. More importantly credible research capable of standing up to any variation of scientific method, scrutiny disqualifies any correlation between first generation immigrants, persons coming here from somewhere else, and criminal behavior; in fact they typically have lower crime rates than American born citizens, realities appearing especially true noting Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics. Countering common public stances asserting boarder states’ prisons and jails are stuffed full of illegal immigrants incarcerated on various offenses according to multiple sources not only has crime gone down in the past 30 years, border states and border towns, despite increasing immigrant populations, increased immigrant border crossing, have the lowest murder rates in overall populations 500,000 plus, decreasing the previously thought importance of boarder proximity. Focusing on exclusively immigrant incarceration research again shows Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics here legally or illegally are put behind bars 2 times less than your average American white male. Blacks remain several times more likely to see prison or jail than immigrants particularly in urban, typically violent places like Chicago; probably due to their violence being primarily gang related, gangs run by whites or blacks rather than “Mexicans.” If you want to really talk uncooperative, how he describes Mexico authorities, governments, illegal immigrant stories that should truly concern us, the homeless man shot by police in L.A.’s Skid Row comes to mind; his shooting prompted more scorn heaped on police for excessive force, possibly causing the needless death of societies most marginalized. Digging deeper found a completely different, more disturbing story, he was an illegal immigrant possessing a history of mental instability and criminality in not one but 2 countries; he had apparently stolen a French man’s identity to gain a U.S. passport and was about to be deported there until authorities discovered the real French citizen under that name was alive and well on French soil. Continued investigation eventually disclosed he was in fact a citizen of Cameroon; failure to respond on behalf of the Cameroon government prompted his release into American society after serving his 15 year sentence for bank robbery. Frequent occurrences it seems, when CNN set out to find out just how prevalent or not illegal immigrant crime was or wasn’t and on what offenses, they highlight a Chinese man shuffled through the prison and immigration system chiefly released because China would not take him back, later committing a brutal murder. Highlighted too, just as in San Francisco, sheriff saying they needed an active warrant or court order mayor, equally after the fact, telling press they didn’t and the immigration detainer should have been honored, poor law enforcement interagency coordination, cooperation; just like here at home with fire arms registries, no undocumented immigrant criminal release registry, no tracking system monitoring them. A contradiction since, according to local L.A. immigration services, they were looking for the man known in the homeless community as Africa because a condition of his release was regular check ins with them, all of which he had missed; let’s also recount what happened to him, he was living as a homeless person in a common dilapidated part of L.A., suffering mental health problems documented in prison, shot dead by police when he went for a rookie officers gun. However none of the listed examples were Latino in origin; look at the Chattanooga shooting/shooter, he was a naturalized citizen from Kuwait. Time square bomber before him, a naturalized citizen from Pakistan; belatedly Donald Trump mentions immigrants coming in from all over the world, belatedly Donald Trump mentions immigrants from the Middle East implying the problem was we don’t know where they are. Except we knew exactly where these 2 were; they had gone through the proper procedures to become citizens not stopping at standard visa papers, alien resident status, taking that extra step and we subsequently know what they ended up doing with it. Key in their case, being influenced by terrorism factors, to date, not driving actions of Latino immigrants from whichever country; contrary to fears, supposedly educated assumptions no terrorist has ever entered the country via Mexico, no Mexican, Hispanic, Latino has ever been identified as a terrorist in the 9-11 era, instead individuals comprising said heritages come seeking economic opportunities and stability. We don’t even have appropriate facilities here to adequately process legal immigration, proper facilities here or abroad to process tourist visas of foreigners who want to come here, spend money, see sights, buy souvenirs and go home, had the audacity to deny the visa application of an Israeli student who either while or after attending a prominent university, getting a welcome letter from the dean created a website think Trivaogo for cruises, employed American workers, and we wonder why the most desperate and destitute capable of physically reaching our borders are crossing illegally? How about we do those things first compile and disseminate a clear concise, fair, immigration policy, man the facilities to quickly and expediently process work permits, visa and citizen applications, improve interagency cooperation toward deporting dangerous criminals, then maybe we can talk about building a wall, charging so much per head for illegals we find and return, root out every illegal person in the country even diligent workers, family members and a good number of children.

On an adjacent subject, why is he, the guy repeatedly calling all facets of government weak, incompetent, stupid, incapable, members holding certain offices the worst person to hold that post, poor negotiators where negotiation is a chief component of the job description suddenly willing to put so much faith in ICE (immigration and customs enforcement)? Considering the highly publicized blunders of entities like the secret service people able to get onto the Whitehouse law because guards were on their cellphones, someone actually able to get into a door of the residence A-because it wasn’t locked and B because personnel wasn’t where it was supposed to be, a secret service member who crashed their vehicle somewhere close to the Whitehouse gates driving while intoxicated, who could forget the couple who crashed a Whitehouse dinner, able to get in even though their names weren’t on the guest list; what does he plan to do hire his own security should he get elected? Knowing about the racism, homophobia and sexual harassment, rampant unprofessionalism in the U.S. air Marshalls, presidential advance men ahead of a planned trip embroiled in a scandal involving Columbian prostitutes, what causes him to think they are any different? We just learned a combination glitch in the FBI background check system, often used by states to enhance scrutiny of gun buyers, and clerical error allowed Dylan Roof to buy a gun when he should have been banned from it; problem, the wrong police precinct was listed meaning they never got the complete police report telling them Roof admitted to possessing the drugs found on him, that admission enough to disqualify him from legal gun ownership, if only it had been known. ICE itself has plenty of problems, who deported an American teen based on her giving a false Latino, Columbian sounding name, purportedly claiming to be from that country; if it wasn’t for Facebook and her family she might never have been found and returned to where she belonged. Sure it’s a cautionary tale on not telling lies to police, authorities and judges, but next one of his ideas will be deporting troubled, potentially mentally unstable teens? Interesting if no one is talking about immigration why was there news footage just 3 year ago showing mass deportations facilitated by the Obama administration, if all immigrants coming from Mexico are criminals beyond their immigration status, murderers, rapist, drug dealers and according public understanding lazy, lay about, unemployed, welfare recipients why again was there film role depicting numerous locations cross country of people being hauled out of factories, jobs shoved on a deportation bus?  Why did president Obama have to reengineer the guidelines causing ICE to focus on criminals, violent persons, trouble makers rather than parents whose singular law braking was crossing the U.S. border after reels of news footage showing families being separated children and spouses who were legal citizens while others were not? Why last year when scores of illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors, women and children began crossing the border did lawmakers bow to public pressure sending them back if no one is truly talking about immigration? Why did former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, talking to Chris Mathews days ago, describe combatting the same problem, pleading with ICE agents to please apprehend the criminal illegal immigrant only for them to detain and deport someone working in the back of a restaurant? Giuliani bringing up another crucial point, our need for guest worker, migrant worker permits allowing immigrants proficient in picking various fruits and vegetables to continue to do so because without it we cease to have those items in our stores, on our tables, farmers, who barely make ends meet to begin with are faced with product rotting on the vine; situations we saw when states began passing their own immigration laws, demanding people prove their citizenship if arrested, if pulled over for a routine traffic stop, measures to not only block them from jobs but obtaining housing exc. Measures striking fear into legal immigrants, forcing employers, those farmers to transport their pickers to and from work because they were afraid to drive, afraid to be out in their community; farmers losing money to rotting food because policies caused a mass exodus from whole states. And, no matter if we could find physically fit Americans capable of withstanding extreme conditions, intense manual labor, harder than it seems the farmers also found out,  started training an American picking workforce today they would not be ready come the following harvest year to do the work, cannot compare to seasoned workers with years experience. What about those who thought they were American citizens until they faced deportation, until circumstances leads them to someone saying they are not; example man who tries to obtain a passport to take his wife on a cruise who is suddenly hit with this despite being treated like all Cuban exiles at the time giving the same status including a social security card, served in the army, held a high profile federal prison job mandating background check, paid taxes, truly believed he was a citizen. Forget no one ever caught it until he was a retiree with grandkids and wouldn’t have if he hadn’t applied for a passport, when his attorney pursued options for him to iron out his immigration status, stay in the country he had lived in since age 12, they denied him a chance at citizenship he qualified for serving in Vietnam, a designated time of hostility, catapulting him to citizen without resident status until national media latched onto the case. What about people who would be, should be if it wasn’t for clerical errors and paperwork glitches in endless bureaucratic red tape?  Another outspoken immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas, in addition to explaining the non-existent process for getting papers, for getting right in terms of your immigration status once you are here illegally, asked a poignant and relevant question; when do you earn your American citizenship by getting educated, going to college, getting a job, contributing to society? Being a business man he should recognize the benefit of keeping bright young talent here, so why revoke the dream act, why punish young people brought here as children who bear no fault for their parents actions, America is the only country they know?  Proof The Donald doesn’t want to talk about a fair and balanced immigration policy that suites our current, continued needs, honors our melting pot, immigrant history and helps those seeking a better future altogether; he just wants to fire up the republican base, the chronically dissatisfied, give them a focal point for their hitherto unfocused anger promising to root out all illegals.

Trump is an ambulance chaser, opportunist politician to shamelessly parade family members of victims killed by illegal immigrants in front of political rallies, in front of news media, not in an effort to say we need comprehensive immigration policy, we need to hone our focus on deporting criminals leaving the job holding immigrants with families alone, but to say we need to build a wall, we need to start charging X dollars per illegal to their home governments, perpetuating the idea Mexico is sending undesirable people here deliberately. You know you’re in trouble when the family of the latest victim says your ideas don’t make sense, is sending messages via media saying stop using our loved one as a repeated campaign point. Further you don’t get anywhere on immigration sans garnering cooperation from foreign governments, no matter what policy you have, you aren’t going to get anything absent the proper paperwork, what was missing in the Skid Row case from Cameroon; cooperation you aren’t going to get attempting to strong arm them, circumvent procedure. Hello, he can’t even confirm with his billions of dollars that all the workers working on his latest projects are American citizens, freely admitting illegals working for him is a possibility “weakly” saying he tries to ensure those working for him are legal, Trump spokespersons laying that responsibility on the contractor; again it’s what he’s not talking about how difficult it is for employers to tell if someone is here illegally with fake documents, how much money it takes to determine if social security numbers match, are real, found out circa 2008 when immigration became a major issue, employers were letting go their best workers because of fake documents. Dismissed, ignored by people participating in the polls that put him on top, is exactly how much of his proposals are not things exclusively under the purview of the president, involve, require the approval, cooperation of other government agencies, mean changing laws, policies that must be approved by congress, actions unlikely to happen whether you’re talking establishment republicans, democrats or people who plainly see his solutions for what they are bombastic, animated clown car ill-informed nonsense. Even he, constantly touting his intelligence, where he graduated business school, obviously thinks he’s god’s gift to the intelligence quotient, can’t tell us where he is going to get these better, smarter more competent people, brighter negotiators, is in for a rude awakening when many of them are voted in by the public or subject to some form of congressional conformation, has yet to answer how he can possibly monitor so many people who are so much lesser than him. Reality check he can’t; he already had to delete a tweet saying fellow republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush had to like Mexicans because his wife was one, got in trouble last week when his staff tweeted out an image of his face imposed over the flag that included, not American hero soldiers, but late WWII Nazi soldiers, blamed on an intern.   Confronting negotiation al-a Trump it’s profoundly different when you are negotiating for people’s lives not just numbers on a balance sheet, when the numbers on that balance sheet impact millions of people, whether or not they have jobs, whether or not they have food, there is enough food in your country available for people to buy, numbers on a balance sheet, parameters of trade deals and partnerships translating into more than just personal wealth for you but determines whether or not your nation can pay its bills, address the nation debt, has the funds and the resources to make itself great again, keep itself great. Many like Trump because he is not another politician with only sweet words, nice words who never gets anything done and lets America languish in her current going to hell stagnation, but as president, a hopeful future president to be it isn’t about just not calling people losers and hacks because that’s not how a president speaks, it’s about having more than simply business gravitas, economic gravitas, foreign policy gravitas, history gravitas, but communication gravitas, having some polish, knowing in that position your words have meaning, impact beyond you, knowing what you say, don’t, say, how you say it can and will literally cause world war 3. Gravitas Donald Trump doesn’t have excluding perhaps the business arena, a business arena, as alluded to, that gets much bigger encompassing a whole nation.

Of course this is the man who could easily be called a walking tabloid, the campaigning tabloid thanks to his recurring habit of distorting a grain of fact for his own purposes; who botched every statistic on the economy in his campaign speech to emphasize how poorly we are doing and how much better he can make things if elected. Speaking of which, since when, in what recent decade, are American jobs, he pledged to bring back, going to Japan? Whose strategy on ISIS is twin parts vague and extreme waffling between bombing to oblivion Iraqi oil fields and securing them militarily to then have tankers come in and take the oil for our use; either way cutting off their funding supply, or so he believes. Apparently sans thought to the danger it would place military personnel in for little gain or to civilian tanker operators brought in to syphon said oil. Trump bashing president Obama’s nuclear deal asking reporters how we could do a deal without including in the terms release of the 4 American prisoners they are currently holding; god forbid we subscribe to the ‘Obama logic’ on that one unwilling to make the Iranians think they can weasel more concessions out of us for the prisoners, suddenly decide they are more trouble than they’re worth to keep and to save face, twist a knife, or for the sake of expedience, execute them rather than turn them over; hmm, now there’s a concept that works. Part of the problem is you don’t know everything, possess all the information until you occupy the round room, sit in that chair; and until you are, it’s Monday morning quarterbacking he knows it and now the American people know it. Who the hell is he to say president Obama should not have come to this from a place of desperation, assuming he did at all, when the choices are a deal with Iran or the very distinct possibility of nuclear Armageddon in a future far too close for comfort; excuse me as a citizen of the planet for not wanting to die painfully, horribly of radiation poisoning, my skin literally liquefying along with my internal organs because political figures, operatives thought doing a deal with Iran was a bad idea or because Mr. brazen and brash, tell it like it is decided to put his foot in his mouth and turn the powder kegs of the world’s weapons on us. Regarding illegal immigrants Mexicans, Hispanics, Latinos crossing the border whom he again got all his “facts” wrong about, inflating their estimated to begin with numbers, calling them rapists, murderers, drug dealers, took legitimate research and turned it on its head, statistics on women and girls being raped to imply illegal immigrants on their way to this country wishing admittance were ‘doing the raping’ instead of  opportunists, government officials on the Mexican side before the women/girls crossed; information testified to by the complier of that research to CNN. Think a minute on the tweet he later deleted about Jeb Bush’s wife; why tweet something like that when she is not an illegal immigrant, has no known illegal immigrant relatives making her irrelevant to his conversation and therefore also not a part of presidential candidate Bush’s thought process when articulating his position on immigration, immigration reform, unless it was mean to be a jab, no more no less. The Donald, who after being called out for an intern mistake for a tweet of his using Nazi soldiers, trashed John McCain’s war record calling him a hero only because he was captured, Trump preferring people who weren’t captured mystified as to why he was booed having to explain his comments on McCain were about how little the latter has done for our veterans. Except if your point was he was a POW, he was a serving soldier and knows what it’s like to come back wounded in all ways; thus being that, senator McCain, how can you do so little for our returning vets, why not say that instead of calling into question his status, standing, image as a war hero? Multiple commentators, political analysts, comedians and the like have criticized him, talked about the McCain devolution especially post 2008, myself included, calling him on his faults, calling him on his wacky conspiracy theories exc. no one ever questioning his war record. Quite frankly doing so taking away from any validity to Mr. Trump’s point, McCain has ignored, done less than he could for veterans. Descending into complete ridiculousness bringing up McCain’s class ranking at Annapolis, claiming he graduated last in his class, as if that somehow matters to whether or not he is a war hero, to his actions on veterans or was it just put out there to make him look bad? Part of making America great again is to stop getting caught up in these meaningless measures of supposed importance, intelligence, proof of some massive fraud; because after president Obama had shown his long form birth certificate ‘The Donald’ switched to wanting to know how he got into Harvard unbelieving the president could muster the grades to attend, then as early as this year, stating he didn’t care about his marks only the ethnicity, country of origin he identified himself with. When bither rhetoric regarding the president fizzled in giving him the publicity, exposure he wanted, he switched to senator Ted Cruz who plainly had his eyes on the presidency saying he was born in Canada, may or may not be a citizen, and therefore is ineligible to be president; forgetfully oblivious that even if the president was born in Kenya, Ted Cruz in Canada, if they had one U.S. citizen parent they are default, defacto American citizens period. Like the PISA international assessment for students is a superfluous test proving neither intelligence nor capability, rendering no predictions, indicators on future job status, economic status or life achievement, how the president got into Harvard is irrelevant unless there is evidence he cheated in doing so, evidence that never has been found; accounting for Mr. Obamas current job, it would make more sense if he were focused on his under grad BA in poli-sci. Similarly John McCain’s ranking at Annapolis is irrelevant to Trumps point on whether he is a war hero, has no bearing on his getting captured or his character before, during or after. Part of making America great again is leaving off fruitless obsessions by those who want to be our leaders.