Parents Outraged Over Seattle Birth Control Program Should Take Stock of Themselves, the Abysmal History of ‘Parent Taught’ Sex Education

Neither is marriage nor waiting to have sex, have a ring on your finger before having sex the panacea to social ills we think it is; there were pregnant teens and unwed mothers circa the 1950’s. Elders, parents just shoved them off to convents, homes for unwed mothers because they were too shameful to be in public…Classmates I knew in high school who at least had the sense to wait ended up with kids and at least one worthless baby daddy; one classmate who got pregnant senior year, went on to marry her child’s father have at least 2 more kids with him losing her children and her parental rights because he did drugs and beat her. Proving doing it right is no assurance you won’t end up a statistic of one kind or another.